The first domestic media interview ren: don’t superstitious to the Internet

cloud network hunting note: from huawei since its establishment, ren has been deliberately kept in the media spotlight, do “ostrich”. Why choose decided to go to the front desk at this time? Ren zhengfei, want to pass what information? Huawei’s future and what changes will happen? Ren zhengfei, why change?

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before the interview, ren zhengfei, explained that “before () see the foreign media, is foreign business needs, ecological environment and domestic business of the ecological environment is not so difficult, so there is no see your (Chinese media). But not see you, again afraid you blame.” Ren jokingly said: “in fact unveiled a look, is my face wrinkles”.
Ren will turn 70 this year, but in the face of the one watch, ren zhengfei, humorous, accurate thinking logic, there is a thick guizhou words, body language is rich, from time to time will also arms waving to express emotions. For themselves into “three score and ten,” said ren zhengfei, a smile, as AIG founder of Berlin’s (88), Mr Murray, chairman of the GEMS investment funds (75) and other western many old friends in the business were older than he, will still struggle in a line, the energy is very strong also, compared to their also not old, just a “after 70”.
During the interview, ren also interact with the surrounding the huawei staff from time to time, no “bosses” of the shelves, and scene laughter, this has to do with ren zhengfei, personal experience and management methods have a direct relationship.
From “seclusion” behind the scenes to go to the front desk, ren zhengfei, the shift with 27 years, also let domestic media waited for nearly 20 years. So, ren zhengfei, why do you choose this time to face the Chinese media? What are the reasons behind the?
1, industry status. According to the overall revenue, huawei has become the world’s biggest telecoms equipment maker in 2013. The past 27 years, huawei has been “followers” role, and from now on, huawei, give yourself a new definition of identity is leaders “modest”. Industry status and the change of the role, let huawei leaders mentality more assertive
2, to open. In the past two years, ren zhengfei, emphasize the most word is open. Than huawei overseas markets accounted for nearly 7, in addition to the United States, huawei has entered the global market most of the operators. Even for the us market, ren said: “over time, huawei’s understanding will be more and more people”, a day after the U.S. market will open to huawei.

3, passing culture and value. The first-class enterprise, must be can set the industry standard, and pass the culture and value. Before the interview, ren invited domestic media in the “blue blood outstanding” awards, huawei contains huawei for years in management, process, the efficiency optimization of employees, even including the departing employees, IBM and other external consultants contribute to company management. From two dimensions of domestic and foreign, huawei have begun to emphasize the output soft influence corporate culture and industry, it is a kind of progress for Chinese enterprises.
4, B2C business rapid development. After ten years of development, represented by mobile phone business of huawei B2C business income accounted for 23%, and become the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturers. As the highest representative of huawei company image, increase exposure, for huawei B2C consumer market development has an important role.
Ren conveys information point?

1, continue to learn from the west. Since 1998, in the face of internal management and process chaos, huawei in ren insistence, huawei spending billions of dollars, to western companies such as IBM, established a relatively sound in Chinese enterprises and perfect modern management system. But it seems to ren: “haven’t really realized the true meaning of it for more than two hundred years western industrial revolution”, Guo Ping, Huang Weiwei proposed the concept of “cloud, rain, ditch”, is to collect all the water into the ditch, solve the situation of water, Kowloon, to generate electricity, make the process end-to-end complete penetration.

2, huawei is not a “crisis management”. In March 2001, in the context of the global IT bubble burst, ren on huawei group released the famous “huawei’s winter”, huawei and industry made a warning in the future. That ren did not think of huawei management culture is the crisis management, because insecure could not succeed. On the contrary, according to ren zhengfei, huawei’s management culture is if management: only has the correct assumption, have correct ideas; Only to have correct ideas, to the right direction; Only to have the right direction, to have a correct theory; Only has the correct theory, have a correct strategic…
3, family never succession huawei. In succession, ren zhengfei, stressed that all the family will never succession huawei, in order to avoid speculation and the speculation of public opinion, internal speculation, mess up the company.
Public information, ren zhengfei, huawei shares accounted for 1.4%, how to realize the effective management of enterprises? Ren smile said: “never rely on equity to control the company, I am talking, speaks to you think, you listen to, know to be wrong, you object, I often also is our internal opposition. I don’t insist must according to my office, negotiation, not by a vote “.

4, not superstition of the Internet. In the light of the “Internet thinking” of the industry hype, ren said: “the Internet hasn’t changed the nature of things, cars must also first car, and now must be tofu tofu. Of course not equal the future will not change.”
Ren zhengfei, stressed that he did not criticize the Internet, only for huawei internal blundering mood. For huawei, need through the Internet spirit, make its own internal electronic platform structure adjustment. The age of the Internet is considered a network company, is likely to be a misunderstanding, because the real age of the Internet is a network has changed the industry.
For himself, said ren never WeChat and weibo, never brush circle of friends. Is the general staff in the creation, his good at learn from them, just had these views.
5, nokia is their subversive, not apple. Ren believes that the next 10 to 20 years will be a technology revolution. Is the biggest, this time in the future era of graphene subversion silicon era, but subversion requires inheritance development, chip is now the limit width, the limit of the silicon is seven nanometers, already near the border, graphite is technology revolution front edge.
Ren is also helping to evaluate the nokia, he thinks, of the mistakes made by nokia is still in the industrial era, industrial era is all about cost and quality, can also use only twenty years in the world of mobile phone is nokia mobile phone. Because it forget, this time apple driven the progress of the mobile Internet era, this is not the same as others overturned it, but it reversed themselves.
6, the enemy is huawei, corruption is poison. Huawei has become the world’s biggest telecoms equipment maker, ren said: “huawei’s rivals, is our own”. “In huawei company forward, nothing can stop us, can stop us, is the internal corruption”.
7, “the poacher” is often the Internet company. Depend on the incentive mechanism, efficient management, fighting spirit, huawei’s rapid rise in nearly 20 years. But also the face of a global slowdown in the communications industry development, Internet company by offering better incentives to such problems as “the poacher”.
In view of the problems the author, ren answer very admits: “say to the IPO, which enterprise huawei people will ran there, we are able to withstand the Internet companies for us. We often helpless. But we do not do is big platform, may inspire a few, need of motivation is one hundred and fifty thousand “.
Ren believes that the brightest and the best people, think that their own individual value is very high, can join in other areas. Huawei’s early leave employees are “fool”, because believe huawei, so “dumb” strive together till now. Why fool also succeeded? Because huawei learning from the west to form a large platform, one or two people in front, but the rear there are hundreds of people, thousands of people in support, make in front of the “fool” doesn’t look silly.
8, how to manage employees after 90? Over the years, huawei is fighting spirit, the collective collaboration. But in the face of the new generation of workers in the mode of management culture and have begun to meet the challenge.
Lenovo founder liu chuanzhi June once wrote an E-mail, lenovo’s 30 years of success to “culture” engine. That triggered lenovo internal incentive discussion, after 90 young employees are not interested, they are more willing to choose “U disk” survival.
For huawei, the latest entry of a group of employees have also been after entering 90, huawei how to persuade staff after 90, with 80, 70, even after 60 together? Ren said: “to eat, have to work. So there is always someone will stay behind after 90, always someone to eat. If Internet companies can hold 1.3 billion employees, our company certainly does not exist, but can always leave a little.”
9, often misread by media. Ren said, the society has a lot of books written in huawei, but he didn’t read a book, smile and say “as long as people see, someone to buy these books, they can make some money, also is our contribution to the society”, but “and we don’t have a relationship, money also have no to us”.
Ren triggered the scene laughter, but his tone, often complain about their own internal article is no misunderstanding. Also cites two examples: one is its internal speech “the best defense is a good offense”, was meant to criticize the wireless business unit, the result is distorted as huawei to counterattack, the United States. Another is to absorb universal energy for a cup of coffee, is intended for huawei to go out with industry experts and cadres exchanges, the results changed to huawei to collapse.
Ren said that the media can criticism, evaluation, and huawei are acceptable, let everybody hear the sound of the positive and negative, but media reports can’t distort the original text and meaning.
10, huawei how to retain foreign workers and “airborne”? Huawei in 2013 introduced the original nokia executive vice President of global colin giles, responsible for huawei terminals global brand and public consumption market, but less than a year time, colin giles announced the departure.
Ren said: “colin giles’s resignation is my approval, at that time I was very uncomfortable. Because he can’t live without living conditions, we also can’t leave him buckle.”
Ren believes that many workers were at the bottom of huawei, they in one hand and a “gun”, in one hand and a “pick”, for many years struggle together in the market, this is a band of brothers from as well. For airborne cadres, “you again good, he didn’t listen to you, how to do? This is hard to “.
Now has forty thousand foreign employees, huawei ren zhengfei believe huawei now have to make a change: “if the world have no access to the best talent,” how can the world’s best company?
Ren impression

in the nearly two hours of the interview, ren keeps agile and accurate thinking, answer some wit and humor at the same time, the impression of ren is completely different from the outside world. In the previous foreign media reports, pictures of ren generally frown, aggressive. And real ren, more a kind of tolerance and wisdom, more flesh and blood, rich feelings.
At the time of the interview is going to end, huawei staff brought ren a dab of steamed bread. Ren has low blood sugar, but as a stranger, 40 s through the most difficult time of hunger and difficult, let ren to this kind of the most pristine food deep emotions, and have not fame and fortune in the future and the character of the live and let live “.
As the founder of the world’s largest telecommunications equipment companies, after 27 years, ren finally decided from behind the scenes to the front desk, for huawei company towards a more open and transparent, output corporate philosophy and values, let users from different countries around the world know more about huawei, has very important practical significance. And a more open and confident of huawei, ren zhengfei, is to create the huawei in the future.