The first nvidia this, king Google notebook battery life

acer today released a new generation of Google notebook computers – this 13. It is understood that the device is first nvidia processor of this, in addition to the strong performance, the battery life up to 13 hours a day, is “the most energy saving” this so far.

the device specific configuration is as follows:

13 inch screen, 1366 x 1080 x 768/1920 two resolution to choose from;

carry four prototypes K1 processor;

2 gb/4 gb of RAM, 16 gb/32 gb SSD storage space;

support USB, HDMI 3.0;

0.71 inch thick and weighs 3.31 pounds.

this is the biggest bright spot in 13 ensure better processing performance at the same time, let down the lower energy consumption. It is reported that a 1080 p version of the device’s battery life is up to 11 hours, and the low resolution of another battery life can be up to 13 hours. And this is by far the strongest this range. After the media after the test pointed out that the 2013 version of the MacBook Air battery life for 12 hours.