The future Internet of things to win: the demand created by the developer

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today, the Internet of things is not a few years ago already defined what is not clear, the development of these years are really fast. But exactly how to define the development of the Internet of scale? In general, we will choose to use “sales” to measure the size of a particular market, but for the Internet of things, sensors, hundreds of millions of level is the base of related equipment already, do not correct. Key still depends on the basis of hardware associated services – in the final analysis, is the number of developers, and its research and development of Internet related services.

according to the latest reports VisionMobile, the current number of developers in the field of Internet of things in 300000, and by 2020, the number of developers in this field will reach 4.5 million, the annual compound growth of 57%, a considerable market opportunity.

there are opportunities and face challenges, here, let cloud network editor jun hunting and everyone to look at the Internet of things together in developing what will meet challenges, the emphasis on what, and what will the future of the Internet of things.

let data speak – opportunities and challenges

in the past 30 years, the human activities have a lot of data information, but in the past two years to produce the amount of information on the two levels significantly. According to the analysis, in the past 30 years of data, 90% produced in the past two years, and mainly comes from all kinds of machines. Human’s own data information, compared to those produced by the machine, were indeed.

, so to speak, in The Times of Internet of things device number already is not a problem. In 2020, according to Gartner’s forecast, global equipment capacity will reach 26 billion. But in the age of the Internet times, the connection between the device and will not be a problem. VisionMobile analysis can see clearly that let the data speak, give play to the role of the corresponding, Internet of things is facing opportunities and challenges.

the figure below shows simple Internet of things for us in the future found that three major development direction: smart city, smart home, intelligent travel.

add a small example, after Google paid $3.2 billion to buy Nest thermostat, Nest a week ago, $555 million deal to buy the Dropcam again. Dropcam daily uploads the data quantity is more than the number of Youtube daily upload, and this is not only a large amount of data, this also hidden behind a lot of wealth.

iot development needs more developers

at the end of the day, the Internet also crucial for the development of the glory of the developer. According to VisionMobile predictions, in 2020, developers will reach 4.5 million in the field of Internet of things.

VisionMobile wrote to a share in the development of the Internet of things, have to clear the course in terms of hardware, connection, cloud services with unique successes of entrepreneurs, and cooperation with them. Specifically, in this kind of business model for the center with the developers, the way to success is their core products and developers to create new demand together. As apple iOS devices combined with a massive application of App Store and Google for Android devices equipped with corresponding cloud services, while amazon in Kindle series products to carry out its electricity services.

in other words, enterprises have to attach importance to developers, because developers create ecosystems will attract more end users.

iot brings what

in our thought, intelligent household refrigerators in May and coffee maker and have a good “communication” – sometime can automatically burn good coffee on the ice?

but in fact, the Internet of things related to the new things are not so rehearse out step by step. VisionMobile authors is mentioned, the Internet of things the demand is not from some popular application of science and technology, more and more came from the hundreds of thousands of “never expected” usage scenarios. Therefore, it is impossible to a separate application or a company with its own fight alone to win the competition of Internet of things.

you can see, the development of the Internet of things will bring us into a new era, a lot of opportunities and challenges is we can’t predict, so far, we can know for sure there is only one – “developers is the cornerstone of Internet of things grow, profitability.”

the Internet of the strong demand for developers will further expand the Internet of things in the market itself.

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