The Galaxy S5 issued on the first day was newsweek “killed”

over the weekend, the samsung cheerfully issued anywhere in the world its flagship smartphone – 2014 Galaxy S5, and related to a samsung factory bad health conditions lead to a young female workers for leukemia to death, made a more in-depth back and follow-up reports.

after the 23 year-old female samsung semiconductor factory employees Hwang Yu – mi suffering from malignant Leukemia (an aggressive form of Leukemia) and ultimately death, had caused the media and professional debate about samsung Korea plant health conditions. Most people generally accused South Korea’s samsung semiconductor factory carcinogens paint such as serious problems.

business week article points out that some unfortunate death will be the 23-year-old girl into a documentary of the events, but immediately and samsung almost all media to “understanding”, in a powerful means to force the media silence. Now people see the documentary, “sweatshop” has been replaced by the name of “Jinsung” (rather than Samsung). The report noted, samsung in South Korea is one of the leading companies of the national economy, domestic its annual revenue of about 16% of South Korea DGP.

in addition, the Business Weekly of Hwang Yu, mi father comming back, found a cancer or other work in samsung factory after blood people (and their families), composed of civil organizations against samsung factory. They movingly accused samsung of South Korea’s factory bad health condition, and must be responsible for samsung.

so far, we haven’t seen the samsung’s answer to the report.