The hammer will phone developed?

on May 29, hunting cloud network

at the beginning of the article, you old hunting zhai first to show that their views: the hammer future phones will be in the brand and the market will be a big success, both as millet ecological powerful competitors.

old zhai very clear as an editor to do such a sentence is very inappropriate for certain, finally also with a “big” to echo media commonly used “may” “maybe” “or” and so on the accomplishment of vocabulary.

everyone is don’t panic the first spray, because the old zhai very clearly as well as old too outspoken, finally cause a lot of class contradictions. Therefore everyone feel Mr. Luo will end up like kin.

but a world on the Internet experience for many years of opinion leaders, how can literally bring compared with a mix of a familiar face star?

a personal values accepted by many people deep opinion leader, his behavior show clearly would be understood more profound meaning, it is not just use a small star forced alignment.

hammer mobile phone does have a characteristic, the market potential

there are a lot of people see will directly after rendering said: “it’s not fake iPhone?” But after the springing to film these days figure, prototype testing, believe that there are a lot of people think so no longer.

hammer mobile phones with apple on design language has a lot of similarities, in the stronghold concept is the premise of infinite amplification, said he was a fake characteristic, is don’t lose at all.

they both try to highlight the material craft aesthetic feeling, but apple’s design is a highlight each other between material such as metal, glass, plastic Mosaic technology, and the hammer mobile phones are all outstanding glass craft aesthetic feeling. Both feel absolutely is not the same.

this inset jades accessories and pure like jade carver implementation of beauty is very different. Hammer back glass before and after all is to use the 3 d grinding process, which also joined the perforations, beautiful degree of the marquee.

if you have the 3 D grinding process of the glass really not concept brought about by the beautiful degree, you can go to the reference HTC butterfly, he USES a 2.5 D grinding process, think about how many people is because he screen edge horn have jade texture, and without hesitation.

a hammer in edge not only have this kind of simple sense, his two sides, the fuselage is the processing, and in order to put the logo, camera, key, and the hollow out processing. In terms of process design, believe that for many the aesthetic demand to rise to physiological needs, attraction is not small.

in the system software and convenient operation, the hammer is also made it a full and complete, and do a very unique. Many beautiful transition animations, delicate fastidious interface far exceeds the millet.

millet is not necessarily in the android native also conducted on the basis of upgrading the design and beautification, the hammer is the completely redesigned. Again, for the aesthetic demand to rise to physiological needs, attraction is very large.

the people around you and how much? Their spending power have many tall? Believe that readers have a measure in my mind.

maybe somebody think it is old zhai personal preference, but in fact from the hammer after release, media reaction of science and technology, we can also see that attitude to hammer mobile media.

in the hammer the upcoming phone miit extremely ugly phone sample and drawings of what, drew big media directly out of the article “hammer challenge people’s aesthetic view” “so the value of 4000” “hammer is a little bit the user habit” and so on.

but the hammer after release, suddenly all media is almost synchronous phase post “Mr Luo is a what kind of person”, “Mr. Luo’s character and hammer characteristics”, and so on, all the doubts disappeared before, most are just some media big V on weibo to ask “so worth $3000?” “Hammer fake apple and apple publicity copy”. That a lot of media are prepared ahead of time, have to rewrite the overnight.

for the simple reason that the mainstream of the quadrature in the compasses in hammer launched a flagship, is worth 3000 in the design and process.

for a hammer, not hard on millet said “the Internet model”, talk about the hammer made a mistake.

target population accurately, word-of-mouth effect better

hammer mobile target population is so precise that is aesthetic, design requirements, the person with strong ability to accept prices. Think about Beijing’s streets tao jade indigenous to see such a design would crush?

this is the most extreme example of the old zhai, say that should you know someone like this design. Don’t always want what no brain fans will buy only Mr Luo, Mr Luo mindless fan is not much, most of the values of birds of a feather flock together resonates with the crowd, not other people buy something was mad men.

in the same way, the millet mobile phone mouth blowing fans economy, but the majority of buy is actually the ratio of millet mobile phone users, brand, type that not many fans of the user.

and hammer choice is a unique aesthetic demand, and the pursuit of people, with the influence of the old, numerous money, have aesthetic demand, agree with old ideas, the opinion leader position in life will be the first to eat crab.

a group compared with the suspected only pursue cost-effective prick silk, the social influence of these opinion leaders can be much more powerful.

after they bought, because of the mobile phone is really unique and hammer the marquee, money as long as the contact between friends, in order to cater to the trend of friends, will not hesitate to place an order. Even some originally came close to the people of money, to save face by the way, also under the single.

hammer mobile pace of expansion will definitely much faster than millet, although the current bookings are not visible. A hammer because of the target population, however, is more easy than millet touch bottlenecks.

Internet to promote a more professional, the future will be cooperation launched one thousand yuan machine

as a English training school, done bullog in the Internet as a professional traders Internet opinion leaders for many years, the old Internet brand promotion ability is one of the best. Literally even is not a level of ray’s booth, this from the past old “for”.

in the Internet again, hammer occupied many headlines? For how many days dominated the headlines? With hammer mobile phone all kinds of analysis and evaluation, the momentum of the millet are a little miss.

the more miracle is past of millet news every day, almost extinct in the last couple of days. The millet is hammer pressure? Or someone behind operation? Believe that each one will have the answer to every one.

maybe before long, you will find someone started saying: millet mobile phone cheap, hammer beautiful phone. This statement is right or wrong? Everyone has their own analysis of the standard, but I hope you don’t violate has appeared the reality of the data in the future.

Internet pattern analysis to analysis, because of a special case of the millet, many people began to appear in the brain of what millet propaganda is true Internet mode, all the others do wrong, will die, but this kind of thinking is a kind of cure? I hope you have been thinking, hunting cloud network has analyzes the relationship between yesterday, may help this understanding.

about the hammer, just by the positioning and promotion, to build ecological is obviously not enough, the next step the hammer to machine would like millet launched one thousand yuan.

but want to hammer won’t like millet obscure make a OEM machine, in the style of hammer (and to promote the need), maybe will work closely with other brands (two but peace, explicit thigh le shun their own supply chains), its system, the electric business channels, without harming yourself, on the basis of the original brand, to create a similar hammer mobile machine of one thousand yuan.

of course, the solution must be mediatek, memory is a little bit small. And in order to keep the hammer characteristics of ROM, mobile phones appearance is probably a hammer resin plastic version, then you make so much noise.

hammer mobile phone developed or not? What is the Internet model? Hammer mobile Internet example of a good? This is some analysis of old zhai.

the hammer will go where, what didn’t happen before too much. Old zhai want to say is: I hope you can be rational, objective and comprehensive analysis, not to the east the imitation Pi.