The Internet of things will trigger a chip industry another golden age!

from the point of sales record in the first half of 2014, the sales of semiconductor high, industry internal pin predicts a positive attitude in the future.

the semiconductor industry association (SIA) said the global chipmaker revenues in the second quarter of this year a total of $82.7 billion, up 10.8% from a year earlier. In the first six months of this year than last year’s sales rose 11.1% year-on-year in the first half of the year.

a non-profit organization “World Semiconductor Trade Statistics association” (World Semiconductor Trade Statistics) to provide supporting data for SIA, in April this year, can complete operating income growth in 2014. Expect from a previous estimate of 4.1% to the latest estimate of 6.5%.

SIA President and chief executive Brian Toohey says: we could even surpass anticipated plan.

in 2013, the global semiconductor chip industry revenues have reached $305.6 billion, increased by 5%, marking the chipmaker a record peak annual profits last year.

Toohey says: now there are a lot of positive factors to help most types of chip maker in all required fields at present.

at the same time, he also said: first of all, the memory chip prices have been on the market in a high position. Many major department know the thirty years hedong hexi “thirty years of conversion between boom and bust cycle, recently because of the strong market demand and the manufacturer, the integration between the reduced the supply of chips.

many chip sales of personal computers is the main target market. But for a long time, the producers have to some of the money transferred into tablets, at the same time, the use of various types of chip of the smartphone market demand also remained strong.

Toohey said: in addition to the established category, chip in the field of auto industry to the rapid growth of the demand for medical devices industry and Silicon Valley called “Internet of things” requires a large amount of chip supply. The term “Internet of things”, refers to add sensors for many daily equipment and computing communication capabilities, including light bulbs, locks and thermostat.

chip industry during 2008 and 2009 suffered huge recession. In 2010 sales rebound quickly, but still slightly below the level before. Rising again in 2012 and in 2013 to create history.

Toohey also pointed out that: chip industry during 2015 to 2016, will usher in a rising again.