The iPhone 6 latest spy exposure: the Google glasses

On July 6,


the technology website PhoneArena this week revealed more according to the known as the apple iPhone 6 photo. According to sources, these pictures using Google glasses. But it is still possible but apple products in development, rather than the final product.

sources said the iPhone 6 will use all metal fuselage, the edge of radian design. In addition, the phone will use narrow bezel screen, and integrate the Touch sensor ID. These pictures confirmed that the outside world after some talk.

photos can also be seen in the iPhone 6 round the rear camera and dual LED flash. But these shots, the iPhone above 6 front-facing camera is in the right position, similar to the iPhone 5 s, front-facing camera in the left side is different with previous rumours. It’s also possible, however, are not front-facing camera, but the distance sensor. (d)

source: sina science and technology