The Line is building map version “App Store”

since most users “crowdsourcing map” of the new business model, originally as a Line of backbone business map project, become more thriving. We can even think so, the Line of business “map” to become a focus map in the field of the App Store.

in April this year, a well-known mobile IM applications Line has launched a “platform”, this project is to let users design their own map (becomes). All submitted by and formally issued map, designers will receive a 50% profit sharing.

in the event officially launched after a month, a total of more than 8000 “grassroots” designers submitted to Line 12000 sets map. There are 1200 sets of sale “crowdsourcing map” is launched.

not only that, these small map for developers also brought a fairly good yield. Already sold 1.7 million sets of “crowdsourcing” strips, a total of $1.47 million profit, this means that the developer has received around $750000 in a month in return. The sales of the top 10 stickers, the average monthly income of $48000 each. 1000 stickers traded hit $100.

Line “crowdsourcing” strips is really a good business. Although in a short period of time may not be what benefits for themselves, but it has the very high growth. Let the map for the package design, attracts the designers, increased the stickiness, and help the advance of localization.

however, the Line was able to get huge gains in the stickers, due to focus on this door seems to be not big business. Map is not only an ornament, it is more to complement or even replace text language tasks. This is the Line and the Line rabbit the root cause of the brown bear can be popular.

after the Wall Street journal reported that the Line plan to move to China later this year. Line will build the local team in China, development content and function, so as to further develop China, the world’s largest mobile market.