The MacBook Air prices, Microsoft’s response is that…… Updated the Surface description

apple, only slightly to upgrade CPU. But the price dynamics, the price of $100 to $899, the European price 100 euros, hk price of 1000 Hong Kong dollars, the line is down price 800 yuan to 6288 yuan.

so, MacBook Air with extremely high cost performance for Windows PC/super this formed the competitive pressure.

Microsoft active play! They…… Updated price is $899 with Surface Pro 2 product description:

well, our Microsoft Surface large screen but can touch! Don’t like MacBook Air so-and-so family!

I certainly compare the MacBook Air and Surface Pro, also don’t want to argue with a keyboard on the laptop equipment on the touch screen to have the necessary (Win system touch screen notebook experience how bad and MacBook touch pad experience how good), just want to share with you about this period of six years ago video:

Steve ballmer is how to evaluate early generation MacBook Air?

This is my favorite video of science and technology, every see a can bring me an infinite happiness.