The mass line, Google maps are “penetration” north Korea

it is well known that north Korea all aspects of domestic control are strict, car ownership is a rare thing, have access to the Internet users of the Internet is not much. Therefore, at present in many people’s eyes indispensable navigation system, in the north is really unexpected that luxury.

last year, Google maps to start adding the north road, construction, railway and other transportation information. Recently Google map part on north Korea has a new trend.

Google this added service support web site and mobile client, the user can according to the information provided by the Google database to estimate travel time (the car/on foot. But the service currently only supports on Google map of road information, restrictions, due to the north, yet in the map information including bus routes such as part of the information.

north Korea has long been the information blockade attitude also is a big obstacle to Google maps, and Google has publicly called for users in January 2013 in the north Korean side road traffic improvement and correction of information. Thanks to Google and users together, now Google map information in north Korea to be more perfect, the user can also make more of the operation.

* on Android devices, Google provides real-time navigation – but Google to Korean kaesong was scheduled for two hours of time, is expected to speed of 105 km/h, in north Korea, basically not traffic jam, this estimate is a bit too much conservative.

* on the Google map, north Korea’s main road is the real information, but it does not include cross-border information. The Seoul to Beijing line navigation display query failed.

* Google maps in Pyongyang to showing the line, the rail, trams and sunan international airport information, but it cannot display information related to time, so only in terms of navigation is better than nothing.

in the adjacent to the north Korea, also because Google map “internal security” cannot provide navigation function, at the same time there are some urban information is missing – Google has branches in Seoul, so must abide by the south Korean law, and for the north, Google is not so much concern, and thus to publicly called for the users to improve road traffic information.

Via: North Chesapeake Tech