The meeting is very slow? See Google vc magic trick to improve efficiency

Google Ventures (Google Ventures) using a non-traditional method to make the meeting or other activities more efficient: $25 time timer.

the timer in many schools is called “Magic Clock” (Magic Clock), by Google vc design partner jack secco Knapp (josh Knapp) is introduced.

branch knapp initially found in class’s and grade’s in the classroom, his son the timer. He told the “Business Weekly” interview: “my god, it changed everything. I want to, although the pupils in use, but it could also apply to the CEO.”

this timer Settings is very simple, with a red fan according to the passage of time, so it is easy to see the rest of the time.

branch knapp took the lead in the design of a five-day conference to introduce the timer. The meeting by the Google vc funded startups, secco knapp set each event to 20 minutes or 30 minutes, the results showed that the participants more serious attitude toward time.

in addition, it also encourage more people to participate in activities. It is obvious that everyone is worried about each other to take up or how in the world, or the meeting is coming to an end.

knapp admits that while the timer is not applicable to every meeting, but it can improve the efficiency of the meeting.