The micro letter a change again! The public can open the shop

on May 29, hunting cloud network news

WeChat public platform function, this update adds WeChat store WeChat shop based on WeChat payments, including adding commodities, commodity management, order management, shelf management, rights, and other functions, developers can use interface batch add goods, quickly open a shop. Received detail letter to pay of the public, may apply in the service center for open function of the micro letter shop.

the public can through the following five steps, complete WeChat open a shop. Development ability of the user, can implement a more flexible function based on the interface.

the first step: add goods

1. Choose the category

2. Then, in accordance with the guidelines to fill out the basic information of the goods, including the name of commodity, product pictures, shipping, inventory, details description, etc.

step 2: commodity management

1. The commodity group management: you can set different groups to manage goods, grouping goods can be used to fill in the shelf.

2. Commodity rack up and down, you can quickly to rack up and down products.

the third step: shelf management

1. Definition of shelves: merchants used to carry goods templates, each shelf is composed of different controls.

2. After choosing the shelves, merchants group management can be added to the shelves inside the goods.

3. Published shelf; Will edit shelves click release, and then copy the link, link you can fill in the custom menu, or issued by the commodity in the message.

step 4: store profile

you can view the store all the data information, orders, volume, etc.

step 5: the order management

users pay success will generate an order, merchants can query the order, and shipping operations.