The Microsoft will push cheap flat fall $99

the global partnership of National People’s Congress conference, Microsoft executives Kevin Turner claimed that Microsoft will soon sell a low price of $99 tablet, in addition, a price less than $250 of Windows 8.1 tablet is forthcoming, two models are expected to fall this year.

it is understood that this tablet is not Microsoft’s production, but is produced by a Chinese partner, the price is relatively cheap. And prices below $250 Windows 8.1 tablet manufacturer also is a partner from the rest of the world.

in addition, according to the upstream equipment maker, after Microsoft from 9 inches and the following size tablet Windows licensing fees, a new round of preferential policies will be fired at a low price tablet licensing fees, all prices below $250 tablet also began to use Windows system free of charge.

Microsoft tablet have been positioning high-end product line, just released a new Surface Pro 3. This launch cheap tablets, Microsoft is clearly want to compete with cheap tablet android, but under the background of Windows tablet recession, users are willing to pay for the Windows tablet made in China remains to be the test of time. (baggio of sina science and technology)