The mobile Internet era, the wifi can stand on the tuyere

cloud network hunting on June 26,

the advent of the era of mobile Internet, wireless traffic is becoming more and more important, carrier flow and too high cost, limited access to mobile Internet freedom people, especially in the domestic.

in the user precious little traffic life condition, on the one hand, can be said to be showing the mobile Internet, on the other hand also brought a huge for mobile Internet gold hoops, makes it hard for the potential of the mobile Internet to obtain maximize, and the lifeblood of liquidation mode that the Internet has also been to breath.

and the development of wireless wifi seems to let people see the savior – as long as use wifi, users don’t have to worry about traffic, space for Internet companies developing value-added services.

so wifi becomes a entry, mark for the level of service, even some people think that the construction of the free wifi network with smartphones this disruptive creation. WiFi really that big ability? Or people’s wishful thinking?

WiFi although there is an opportunity, but is can the traffic fee monthly unlimited before

due to the popularity of smart devices, more and more users begin to urgent requirements for high-speed, low-cost wireless network, but in front of the current high cost of traffic, free WiFi become a big breakthrough point to meet user needs.

and on the Internet all sorts of red-hot “wifi has become the basic human existence needs” jokes, also shows people’s desire to free wireless Internet.

user demand, the market blank, so the giants with a large number of entrepreneurs start targeting free WiFi industries, such as: millet, ali, Shared network, mai di and so on, hope the layout can not be reversed in order to advance the former, the latter hope from WiFi, can subvert growth all the way for the new giant.

however, xiao yun to remind a trap here, have a friend read carefully may find: xiao yun did not directly say people urgently demand for wifi, with free wireless network. Reason is the WiFi application has a large death: telecommunications network.

if operators of telecom network traffic cost greatly reduced, the cost of the monthly unlimited flow can reach price are affordable, wifi base could be back quickly. Especially large-scale outbreak of virtual operator may be available.

to know telecom network coverage more widely than wifi, the free wifi easily in the layout of the channel such as hotels, airports, stores, the experience of telecom network has more advantages. After all cell phone access flow without any extra Settings, and do not need to consider the strength of the signal problem, free activities.

so free wifi development gold time, confined to domestic 4 g telecom network construction how long does it take to climb. At home 4 g, virtual operators under the situation of rapid development, perhaps only at most two years.

two years free WiFi can quickly complete marketing, brought to the user experience?

those application advantages of WiFi, can differentiate superior?

to discuss the problem, first of all to understand how users of wireless network demand.

xiao yun to summarizes the following: the experience of steady and fast, safe and convenient data exchange, the ubiquitous network, the experience of seamless switching, and less electricity.

this five WiFi only “the experience of steady and fast” and “more power”, these two have advantages in theory, but in the present technology and specific usage scenarios, and also can not satisfactory. But also good user and psychological “luck”.

“safe and convenient data exchange” actually WiFi also has a certain advantage, at least on the exchange of data between two devices, and any other wireless WiFi to seconds several orders of magnitude. And security, the WiFi provider USES the unified technical standards before docking, compared with the monopoly of telecom operators, it is easier to gain the trust of the user.

Shared network and mai di is through the software and hardware of the cooperation between the two, through various channels to provide solutions for businesses, promote their unified standard.

simple WiFi, and surface is actually a technical channel coordination integration of live, even in the Shared web hosting of “WiFi peak BBS” brought on ctrip, century company, such company to cooperation channels.

the above is the core of the WiFi compared with telecom network advantage, also is in the process of telecommunication traffic costs decline gradually, alive to rapid accumulation of technology.

only several advantages in this field quickly perfectly, can we truly make WiFi this cake. If too slow, the situation change, being shunned the capital market, and even harder to rapid development.

in the outside, WiFi and finally an advantage, as in their own food and clothing parents – the user! After all, WiFi can solve many pain points. Maybe go out to meet a good WiFi! There is WiFi can not had that thanks to rub?

in the “good” and “maybe” under the “rub a rub” user psychology, most people no matter useful useless, have it in their equipment on a free WiFi app.

this app is that you? Can you allow the user to open a willing from time to time? As security software. This perspective WiFi future is very bright.

as the market benefit, technical standard popularization and so on questions, simply counting on wireless WiFi to complete emancipation of the mobile Internet is an unfathomable. Maybe just looks very beautiful.

but rely on the free wifi this pain points, in a variety of “may” as a means of propaganda, to achieve the user essential effect. Ride on the WiFi this pig, seek affiliate business good, finally jumped to a bigger chunk of a diving board.

like sogou input method worked so hard to do, is to promote its browser and then jump to search a diving board. Now there are new billions levels of the company is not impossible.

but has been fully civilized Internet market, the growth of the industry for the future similar patterns of competition and brings hidden trouble. Like fast like drops of embarrassment, many people will both app to mount directly, as the case may use.