The mushroom street will achieve a new round of financing amount or more than $100 million

according to people who have investment circles, business circle, mushroom street is about to complete a new round of financing, the financing amount more than $100 million, valued at $1 billion level. The mushroom street has a low profile, only that financing is progressing, total amount is not small, but have not yet fully Close trading, after complete details will be open.

not before, the mushroom street, the founder and CEO June also revealed in an interview with the media also is promoting a new round of financing, raised, the valuation scale is equivalent to small and medium-sized companies IPO. Alibaba earlier in talks to buy investments with mushroom street, gives the valuation of $300 million.

investors optimistic about the prospects for development of mushroom street, may also be linked to strategic transformation in mushroom street last year.

mushroom street, launched in early 2010, has been the nation’s largest electricity companies guide site, shoppers into revenue, and the vast majority of income comes from ali’s electric business platform. With the growing mushroom street, ali aspects introduced gradually blocking, containment measures, so the mushroom street began to gradually shift, trying to build trading closed loop, do female users of electricity service platform, has obtained the good effect.

the mushroom street aspects, according to the data given in November last year, its own electric business platform in business more than 2000, average monthly turnover of 120 million yuan. In march this year turnover of more than 200 million. June of this year is expected to mushroom street electric business turnover will exceed 3 billion yuan.

the mushroom street COO wei said of it, the mushroom street in electric business logic is: have accumulated tens of millions of users, daily traffic $, which has its own traffic proportion rising continuously, the platform for online users especially women have high viscosity. With the user import third-party electric business platform, let the high quality tenants mushroom street.