The new concept of Skycatch using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) data business

on July 5, the wired (wired) magazine recently published an article about unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) services company Skycatch future prospects of an article analysis. According to the article, Skycatch create unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) data collection service may become a kind of global business in the future.

in open-pit mine, the blasting is a routine work. However, the blasting is a dangerous thing after all. If a truck drove by the mine when the residue formed by blasting explosive, the result could be disastrous. However, field operation is expected in the near future more safety. Unmanned aircraft startup Skycatch founder and chief executive of Christian? Sans (Christian) Sanz said, there are at least a mine in use Skycatch uav detection services, field operation safer.

a plane from remote start landing field scene of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for blasting and shooting video, and then, the mine workers repeatedly played the video in slow motion way, to ensure that all the explosives were detonated. Sans, said the mine ground data acquisition is one of the many USES of Skycatch unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). Skycatch don’t sell uavs, it only provides data collection services, like amazon and Google to provide cloud computing services for other companies. Sans explained that other companies can use Skycatch uav ground data acquisition services, without having to create and manage their own fleet of drones.

like Google company recently acquired satellite imagery Skybox, Skycatch is to work for the popularity of high-resolution aerial imaging service. However, the use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) data collection service is not as easy as the use of cloud services.

if a company want to use Skycatch unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) service, it need to send people to participate in the work, also need to establish a unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) landing field. However, sans idea is that once the relevant hardware is set up, customers can using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) data services on the Internet or a smartphone, without having to leave the office. Skycatch unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) are a kind of practical business services, rather than as a toy or a novelty. First is heavy industry, it can take advantage of uav aerial photos to understand a lot of work. Sans said that entrepreneurs like him can find out the most valuable use drones, they will promote the development of commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). We might as well put this commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is called “unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) as a service (drones as a service)”.

Skycatch provides a data services

sans said that once he stay in a construction site, where workers are the iPhone camera used as a data collection tool. Is at this time, sans the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) as a data collection tool. Like a lot of technical personnel in silicon valley, he had long with drones, and joy. He likes playing with the software used to control drones, he had to participate in the organization system of remit section (Maker Faire) on the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) games (DroneGames) race.

but he argued that unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) has many USES, not only for entertainment. On one occasion, a construction site, the head of the asked him to do a favor, which made him got a chance to prove that other USES for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). The director asked him: can use of uav aerial photo site, in order to help him to track construction progress?

sans accepted the challenge, and to work for two weeks, because the contractor personnel to new photos. For example, a logistics manager want to track their inventory size, to supervise the delivery time. Sans said, since then, people began to become “lazy”, constantly asked him for new photos, some of the photos they may own shots. “They are part of the outdoor work was replaced by the review images in the office, this is, of course, can improve the efficiency.” Sans said.

it was in January last year. Since then, Skycatch has raised more than $16 million, including Google Ventures (Google Ventures), Zappos, co-founder of Tony? Xie (Tony Hsieh) and several other high-profile people. And Skycatch have some big customers, such as Rio Tinto (Rio Tinto) and the Bouygues group (Bouygues). In some industries, sans are providing cheap air by unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) data flow.

sans said that for mines, other USES for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) including mining crack detection. Some cracks may cause landslides, buried millions of dollars worth of equipment. In addition, with the help of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the mine operators don’t have to send someone to personally test slag heap or air quality, a small unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) it only takes a few minutes in the air, take pictures, you can complete such tasks.

sans said, there is a customer in a major construction project with multiple unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to track to different parts of the schedule. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) can not only track the project, progress, can also help the construction of overall process reconstruction projects, can even track the subtle movement of crane.

as web developers can use online analytical tools to simplify sites, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) service can also be used to simplify the construction site. “If we can help companies from all over the world to simplify the construction site, then we will have great business prospects.” He said. “What we do is data business, instead of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) business.”

without manual intervention

Skycatch main business is data collection and data analysis, but the development of new hardware is also an important part of its business. Sans, said in his first unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) service construction site, the contractor data requirements has become so huge, so much so that he can’t personally control unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight every time. This led to the development of independent ground station, the so-called independent station, is independent of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) landing field, where staff will replace the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) rechargeable batteries, and download data collected in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). Radio signals can guide the uav landing to the ground station.

sans said, ground station for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) as a data collection tool is very important. As long as a power source, the uav can be the direct intervention under the condition of taking off and landing on its own. And it is this automated drones can be become enterprise can make use of the service tools all over the world. To long-term development, Skycatch are working to develop more large, fixed wing agricultural unmanned glider, they can stay in the air for a long time, and collect the above data. Sans said that although the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is mostly visual image, is being collected in the future it may also use other types of sensors, to collect different types of data.

sans, for instance, there was a company wants to use drones to detect radiation. “This is a good example of machines instead of human.” He said. At present, the Federal Aviation Administration (Federal Aviation Administration, FAA) prohibit the use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for commercial use. But sans said, so far, regulators have no tried to ban Skycatch of any project. The company has had an constructive talks with the FAA. He pointed out that in the large industrial land, there are far more dangerous than drone objects may fall from a height. “Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) make people safer, because it makes people don’t have to enter a very dangerous place.”

if Skycatch business to be able to get regulators allowed, its high altitude uav services can indeed provide a new prospect for many enterprises. Anyone take the airplane all know, the earth all high in the sky looks very different. With the help of the Skycatch and other companies we don’t have to fly to any place also can get a visual air.

source: tencent technology