The news that a new generation of Mac OS will meet ten years to the maximum design change

, according to apple’s OS X 10.10 will be released next month, code-named “sheila” (a senior classical wine), will have almost 10 years the largest aesthetic design changes.

the report did not disclose more details about “sheila”, but made clear that apple will be to the original Mac OS system “end-to-end redesign. In addition, the sources also pointed out that the OS X 10.10 will be more draw inspiration from the design of the iOS. After reports that apple has been drawn from the iOS team personnel, to design and develop a new generation of OS X.

although apple has been emphasized that the iOS and Mac OS will keep the obvious difference, but in the past two years, we found that both the increasingly aligned on the aesthetic design style. Even more remarkable is that apple will move more features of iOS on Mac OS.

at the same time, the above reported that Apple is unlikely to no. 2 the WWDC conference next month, issued a new generation of Apple TV.