The night honey talk, good control of female subject eyeball economy

except xiao said, logical thinking, xiao-bo wu channel, the vertical crowd, partial knowledge community talk show. On the market at present there is another popular talk show in the scene.

can crowd by men and women , Shanghai blue cross culture communication made a feminine private topic show the night honey language is currently under planning, a recent conference line. Often control in 10 minutes, video frequency for weeks, the only bad is that there is no way to live but indoor or outdoor recording .

watch the program name to should be able to guess this program’s boundaries properties. But why still need to report it because they are exploring another community economy, but I doubt, their community economy in a way that is how to condense user viscosity .

now this product is that positioning is a talk show interaction between the spread of the Internet platform, please of the female guest and host would like sisters tao together talk from WeChat circle of friends female private topic, brush a circle of friends at the scene, on-site pick topics, randomness is . Eliminating big claims that real, the most important people speaking, grounding, misconduct is not installed, must express the point of view, under the reasonable scale of free speech. Objective: to build a larger circle of female friends, have a strong sense of belonging to the viewer, unlike traditional talk, not behind closed doors, audience equal to enjoy myself.

characters form for now, the a host, two friends circle of women, a male “intruder”. host requirements are broad scope, subject sense is strong, affinity, also are also evil. Guests to personality is distinct, dares to express a view, original, must have the spirit of entertainment. the most important of host and guest have to good image and characteristic . And the male intruder (similar to the kangxi Chen role, play happy fruit, doormat)

brush to remove the guest random circle of friends to seek a topic, show link there is a piece of interactive plate is all the audience can participate, by micro letter, weibo, or even the phone can communicate with field , for the import of fresh characters and valuable view.

according to their program scheduling, Christine fan, Ada, zhaohuan, no Dan wang, love apartment is a heroine, such as mass stars in their subsequent invitation, show up, so bad to judge if this is just gimmicks. There is even a bubble no ma jia jia, etc were among the guests .

actually speaking, there is a beauty topic of talk show. type’s slogan is “female friends, male please pull over” but close scrutiny, this was not clearly , topic for most women are attracted to come over, men are more attracted to women and topic, topic closely enough, enough scale, bore a handful, a time to relax completely can spend ten minutes in this program. As for scale and topics, you can refer to original Letv homemade chip talk show the charm study club (has shelves, borrow instead of beauty to the Olympic Games of the Olympic Games)

don’t know whether is the fire of a product, the night honey talk to attract audience in addition to women this block, and with an eye to the male audience. A fire is not difficult, difficult is a boom is fire. In fact I worry about is that remove personal talk show of the knowledge community, positioning the emergence of homemade talk show women actually eyeball economy, will bring the industry also like the micro movie with Chinese characteristics a scourge.

this kind of talk show products business model are generally follow, or named join advertisements are profitable way. Or China does not lack a good talk show, outbreak in the field of entertainment events, flying saucer said all boils down to is talk show , good content is the key. Code if you want to do for a long time, in the middle of the night a mark of success may be one day not to chip, beauty as a label or can attract users to watch. This product may be shaved off coat after the rest of the real value.

the middle of the night secret language (video chat)

company: Shanghai blue cross culture communication co., LTD.

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