The Open Signal, and the map of packet radio network signals, help you find the fastest WiFi

crowdsourcing network Signal testing start-up Open Signal, the chip maker qualcomm, qualcomm’s investment department of risk investment cast, received $4 million in A round of funding. Existing investors O ‘reilly AlphaTech Ventures an and Passion, also took part in the financing.

Open signal for radar signal, a very useful tool, its function is to be able to let you quickly find WiFi signal and wireless data, can support GSM, CDMA, 4 g, 3 g, 2 g, and so on. The direction of the software features include: support for signal; Support signal spectrum; Support on maps and radar map shows the location of the mobile cell towers and wi-fi router; Details of the signal strength data; Support to save data to the SD card; Can test the WiFi speed, and their location on the map. Signal history reading, and so on.

Is the premise of

Open Signal, dedicated to provide customers with the independent, fair, and would be more accurate Signal spectrum (to the scope of carrier itself provides resources) – encourage smartphone users to download and run on your own equipment inspection Signal of the software.

chief executive officer Aaron Dan? Gill said in an interview, now more than 9 million people worldwide to download the application. “This is mainly because the wireless network coverage for more than 35 billion data points. According to the data points, we have all the countries of each mobile operator’s data. Furthermore, we also mapping the 250 million wi-fi hotspots, “he said.

gill said OpenSignal map is comprehensive, enough now to determine “in addition to outside the world of some of the areas in the Middle East and Africa (although these two areas are growing fast) most of the city’s best carrier”.

“in the larger cities such as New York, London, we can go deep into the community level. However, there are still many must be through improve our user base, can go deep into the small interval size, “he added.

Open business model also includes Signal, based on the use of mobile Internet and wireless network consumption experience, so as to provide a series of paying customers – including operators, Internet companies, consulting firms, hedge funds and telecoms regulator.

“since we started business operations a year, we have signed more than 20 subscribers) (across five continents, including Spain telecom, China mobile and Deloitte,” gill said.

Open Signal, said he would put on new money in the construction of the team – the point is employed widely in the field of data specialist. Including from the point of data mining, and locate hidden relationship, to use data visualization to tell a story, to for processing large amounts of data which have the ability to build scalable pipeline engineer.

caused by the increase in the Numbers of sensors embedded in mobile devices (or with mobile devices via bluetooth connection), so it is clear that the Open signal in the near future, expansion of crowdsourcing data measurement range.

now OpenSignal has begun expansion plans. In may last year, it has to carry out a program called WeatherSignal meteorology application, at the same time it also referred to as “accessories”. It from the temperature and humidity and air pressure gauge in reference to the mobile sensor data, and mobile phone of meteorological data of temperature sensor is used to infer that the temperature change of the external environment.

since WeatherSignal launched, the number of mobile devices connected to the sensor has been proliferation — which means, in the future days, through the crowdsourcing OpenSignal – esque way to expand the field of great potential.

“we only short-term perspective, from wireless sensors – OpenSignal, and weather related sensors – our sister WeatherSignal project, in the near future we will not reduce the focus on any one of these,” gill said.

according to Jill, OpenSignal particularly interested in two fields is a bluetooth low energy signal and the air quality sensor.

“there is no doubt that BLE beacons (including iBeacons) in the next few years will be in the form of explosive rise, we have the opportunity to understand the database,” he says, and points out that BLE beacons supported the position of the particle size of map dynamic offers huge potential.

BLE beacons can clearly understand your background, so we think the package reference database table sensor is equal to crowdsourcing reference database background of the world, this is a very strong chance, “he added.

for air quality sensor, gill said, it also attracts the Open Signal, because the mobile phone maker is working on these sensors embedded in the device. If the type of data sets with the Open Signal crowdsourcing may result in civil planning application.

“as we have seen other companies, such as Waze, before it has a huge opportunity – using sensors enable people to carry in your pocket, in order to help us better understand the environment of the city. We believe, these sensors have been obtained crowdsourcing network will help the future intelligent construction of city, “he added.