The partnership business guide and turned against law

a business, a person is very difficult to accomplish anything. Therefore, must be banded.

if you are the 358 individual partnerships — — — — —

banded rules the first business day — — — — — — — — – “the rule of warlords”

1, money rules (how much? The balance how to balance? Equity how to differentiate?)

2, output rules (how to division of labor, who do? What responsibility?

3, money rules (who earn money? With what to make? What’s make?

4, execute rules (who to do? How to perform? What responsibility?

5, leadership rules (who’s leadership? Capital leadership? Technical leadership? Sales lead? When making money and money is not the same person, who when leadership? Leadership? Collective voting?)

6, to recall the rules (leading out of the question? Strategic problems? Those events can start recall program?)

7, exit rules (for the contradiction, how to quit? The original bargain stocks out or quit? Loss cost calculation standard?

(above, this river is called the “big circle help banded committed to work with the articles of association”)

banded rules on the second business day — — — — — — — — —

“turned against law”

(proposal, motion, concurrence, against the rules of procedure, waiver, vote)

1, tactical error handling rules (method is change will still change?)

2, strategic error handling rules (strategic change or change?)

3, view the conflict rules (is calm calm or experts to vote?

4, personality conflicts rules (is fight or judicial arbitration?

5, conflict processing rules (is to control the emotions or find out the problem?)

6, escalation of processing rules (gang fight or independent duel?)

7, face processing rules (both deportation or collective off?)

8, the knife handle each other rules (silly force, quick report!)

(more than the fall out in front of the rules of procedure, detailed document reference “Robert rules of procedure”)

banded gauge the third business day — — — — — — — “never banded law”

1, fraud experience cannot be banded with;

2, erratic speaker can’t instead of banded;

3, unfilial to parents cannot be banded with;

4, very happy people can not instead of banded between words;

5, involved in the influence of gangs and banded;

6, too speak elder brothers helpful to people rather than banded;

7, who often challenge social rules and public morality instead of banded;

8, haggle over every ounce of person can’t instead of banded;

9, people like to complain can’t instead of banded;

10, like a man of the sport is not banded with;

11, good at discovering problems but never take the initiative to solve the problem of people don’t banded with;

12, shuffle, articulate, deny don’t banded with;

13, have a tendency to extreme political people, not its banded (play what all don’t play politics, business, and no one can play the politics).

(more than for the predestination inspection device, can also be used for a blind date to find men environment)

banded business day of article 4 of the rules — — — — — — — — — “there must be a rule”

1, it is better to have an older but not rich;

2, it is better to have a mind active who dares to break through;

3, it is better to have a stable solid at the brake;

4, it is better to have a thrifty good project cost.

5, it is better to have a eloquence good of a man;

6, it is better to have a good at playing social networks;

7, it is better to have a man with three years sales experience;

(this is not only your business needs to find people, also is in your life should find)

banded business day in article 5 of the rules — — — — — — — — – “the rule of spoils”

1, with investment priority rules of share out bonus;

2, to the technology preferred dividend rules;

3 to output the priority rules of share out bonus;

4 to hard preferred dividend rules;

5 to 50 red, the percent of annual profits for another 50 development fund;

6, the staff of share out bonus of between rules;

7, options between staff rules;

8, reward rules between staff;

9, inseparable capital rules of public welfare treatment;

(the above documents for “a thief also want to learn to share”)

banded rules of article 6 of the business day — — — — — — — — —

“partnership law”

1, in the name of the brothers into the partnership law (burn off their books and start to);

2, in the name of the elder brothers gang of partnership law (a cry, to find their homes);

3, in the name of the friend banded the partnership law of each rush thing (a cup of both tasteful and alive)

4, in the name of the business of the partnership in the partnership law (a paper judgment, a beat two scattered)

(more than attend the famous movie “ocean’s eleven”)

banded business day rules article 7 — — — — — — — — —

“management rule”

1, don’t hit face blunt fat, can be bitter, bitter, first don’t pay attention to office conditions, saving cost;

2, don’t please people to kill themselves live, have more money;

3, must want to please people, will at all costs must be please to;

4, don’t like silly force as well as the pursuit of brand, but to the pursuit of market;

5, don’t make one to fit a series product, the final death himself in the series.

6, must be the flagship product, a single point of breakthrough, savage growth;

7, most of the time, all the leaders are working, have to rush to the first line.

8, not a little power in hand, would pose a leadership asshole rack, nobody prick you.

9, with the fastest speed to the company to make a market tag, let users to remember.

10, at the beginning of the dust settle, take time to give yourself rest a while, we talk about the problem;

11, not bad money, send the partner, the most silly of that silly force to learn;

12, the success not having a full, but the facts, the market will let you die at any time.

13, the company is a bit like, rapid financing to make big quickly;

14, don’t too entanglements financing shares and miss opportunities;

15, capital than playing products to take it easy;

16, flat t play capital and more cow force;

17, make platform will make it and don’t obsessed with their own “product”.

18, each capitalist will live to the final is not silly force.

19, sent to your partner and see it now, make you my heart more tacit understanding.

source: President of thinking