The patch the nut, let you no longer forget everything

can’t find the phone can use other mobile phone call, in accordance with sound vibrations. If you miserable muted, it can only wait until the evening, according to the screen to find the light. If in addition to mobile phones, if be a wallet, keychain, the door will bring the most easy to forget that product again, how to go out in a reasonable way don’t forget them?

artifact is coming, this is not a new product, the first generation of the nut listed intelligent search technology to throw the patch has been rectified, media also reported that again. Main function is to search for items, intelligence, based on the bluetooth 4.0, the nut products patch by cooperate with the nut APP, help users search for items, remind don’t forget to bring the important items, also can avoid the loss of children, pets, and valuables.

the biggest difference between the first generation and second generation, the second generation of new nut with smaller size, thickness decreased by 50%, with the longer standby time (extended 100%), looking for accurate performance is also improved.

the nut intelligent search technology to throw patches, search for items, the need to download the APP, and then open the bluetooth will patch near the phone, click on the patch button to complete the binding. Adjust the warning distance. How so no matter how messy room, where things are hidden, open the APP, call the nut, you can find items through the bell and flashing lights.

if the phone forget can not find, can need not call finally looking for this time, directly hold the nut, the phone rings. Then you will find it.

the Nut and a close two-way prevention function is lost, users set a safe distance, as long as the Nut to leave the safe distance, mobile phones and the Nut will send out alarm to remind, go out and don’t forget to take more important after the mobile phone, wallet don’t have to worry about carelessness lost.

in addition to the above, the nut and cloud service function, when separate items and the APP will record the geographic information display on the APP built-in map, can’t really according to the map to find out. If still can’t find, it doesn’t matter, the nut under construction of China’s largest network of any specific bluetooth is not restricted, can all help you find the nut users, once found, the user would receive location information of the item.

the nut, founder of the CEO tian before in China mobile has nearly 8 years of work experience, then in SNS douban is responsible for the mobile Internet business, the company free technology focus “nut” brand of mobile phone accessories and smart wear equipment. Now a new generation of products into the roll call time the raise.

but currently on the market already has a lot of bluetooth prevention device, such as only the size of the Button Button SmartWallit TrackR, designed specifically for the purse, and the nut intelligent search technology to throw patch two-way Care Tracker is similar to that of anti lost function.

the nut intelligent search technology to throw patch

company: Beijing technology co., LTD.


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