The Product Hunt: “cool” products “off” platform developers

as a share Product information website of science and technology, the Product Hunt more and more as the IT industry products as the center of workers rely on. Some people say that it is like Reddit community in the field of science and technology products, also some people describe it like a Hacker News for product release information. But these descriptions at most is similar, only the inner essence is different.

so, Product Hunt what?

Product Hunt creator story

according to the creator Ryan Hoover is introduced, the Product Hunt in the beginning he just in silicon valley and friends launched an experimental project.” We often talk about the recently released new products, and the beginning of the conversation is often ‘hey, did you see the recent release of the new product? ‘. Although this topic in silicon valley, most of them talking about, but not on the Internet a corresponding platform to discuss.”

then Hoover had originally – in November 2013, Hoover LinkyDink will new interesting products through the list, in the form of E-mail to share.

“it took me twenty minutes to write the first letter products share E-mail, sent to my friends and interested in our products, and investors know.”

initially only 200 users subscribed to Hoover’s push email, but the overall feedback is very good, also accumulated the first of a number of subscribers. For Hoover, at first this batch of the subscriber’s most valuable feedback, also let him to confirm whether people like to read about such information push email.

then, Hoover and Nathan Bashaw cooperation on Thanksgiving created Product Hunt, the prototype of the Product. Bashaw in five days to build the product model, whereas Hoover invited some subscribers to test.

a week later, the Product Hunt site is launched.

Product active users Hunt began to slowly increase, more and more loyal readers. Create original Product we Hunt the Hoover — form a let people interested in the products of science and technology will first understand that cool new products in the community. Such as Daily by Buffer, BarkBuddy and Notifyr products are first login Product Hunt after reported by the major tech blogs, step by step in the future may also be like Snapchat, such as an interesting and there is a market for products in the Product first appearance on the Hunt.

Product Hunt operation pattern

Product Hunt, the operation mode with the famous community Reddit, Hacker News, including Digg have similarities. Users can embed links, thumb up, or leave a comment. The whole community design interface is clean, can the infinite drop-down don’t flip, and supplied with Algolia real-time search engine.

but the Product Hunt also have their own characteristics. Recommend products based on the unit days and ranking. In this way, the user can easily happily scanning product information, and keep often refresh. Have to say the Product Hunt list mode than Reddit, Hacker News from time to time change list of links to more legibility. Even affairs busiest high-end personage can easily focus on the latest information.

now Hoover full-time development Product Hunt, have three part-time developer and a part-time designer to assist the work.

gather investors and media

Greylock Partners, SV Angel, Redpoint Ventures, Betaworks partner at ordinary times can see the Product Hunt. Y combinator and 500 Startups also focus on the Product to Hunt. Angel investors, Techcrunch author also has many often login Product Hunt. Many VCS in the Product register an account on Hunt, of course, they most of the time not to leave a message or point to avoid contagion effect.

according to Hoover, recently Andreesen Horowitz’s many investors also registered the Product Hunt.

active users, ranking fair

Product now Hunt the mail subscription has tens of thousands of users. Although compared with other mature community, the Product of the Hunt users is relatively less, but the atmosphere is very active community. Not only reviews, and Product of the real interaction – many developers say in the Product Hunt after introduced their products, there will be many active users register their products in succession.

Hoover said, the Product Hunt provides a relatively fair Product platform. Like development Notifyr Dutch children can pick up more than 220 in the community. Many developers are now paid to optimize product ranking of the App Store, or the use of network to promote. And in the Product Hunt, as long as the Product is the new cool enough is useful enough, you didn’t pay attention on these aspects.

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