The sand monk, to help entrepreneurs to do a good job in logistics

move the gold rush, without water. But give the sand monk entrepreneurship services such call a bit is not appropriate, should be referred to as logistics. Like Zhao Dongqi this name, the sand monk, designed for entrepreneurs to provide social security and accumulation fund agent service. But is not limited to this.

if you have a note, the sand monk interesting website domain,, old sand in journey to the west of the classic lines.

a startup is like a journey to the west, have to upgrade to the monkey sun, of logistics to the sand monk is good. Here under the universal social security and accumulation fund.

is the social insurance of social security, also known as the five insurance (including pension insurance, medical insurance, birth insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance) in Beijing, for nonlocal registered permanent residence of the partners, the continuity of social security is very important. Here say use, to buy a house, accumulation fund loan, a car, in elementary school, different ground the university entrance exam, passport to Taiwan, Hong Kong and macau pass all need uninterrupted pay a certain fixed number of year of social security. If you are in the formal companies, big companies. Can need not too much to consider this problem.

if you are the following several ways: resign temporarily not looking for a job, just start a business, rest for a period of time to travel, but don’t want to pay the interruption of social security, you can choose the sand monk business services. Compared with the general agent, the sand monk on the service more Internet thinking, conduction process, the text will inform relevant progress, there are problems can find translation to contact himself. In fact you can also be as team currently small, good energy can also go to service so many customers.

return logistics this thing, to help individuals and entrepreneurs to pay social security and accumulation fund, saves on the individual to run, it is a good thing. But for attracting capital, this is a story of industry ceiling. Important, but it doesn’t matter, as long as you can focus, extreme achievement, is a good story.

actually hand in the matter of social security, the line of many small bookkeeping agency company are doing. But the industry consolidation is awareness and professional degrees. Word of mouth is important. Sand monk all services currently in your micro letter number public display, according to the experience of the process, I believe he is a more to pay social security as the core of value-added services company.

in the current number of public and individual enterprise pension pay, financial tax agent, company registration cancellation, as well as other services: legal advice, foreign language translation, incubator and recommend related businesses are doing. As if such a look, and their ideas more clearly. Logistics, not confined to social security to pay this, other related supporting logistics resources can also be in the customer service and pay social security, one-stop service, is specialized in the premise.

in the imperial city, the Internet business is very hot, can open two or three people, a product manager, a technology that can build a prototype of a design on the market. Instead, logistics this is finally consider an entrepreneurial team.

the sand monk in the subsoil of social security, and to provide more professional derivative services, between the entrepreneurial teams are very popular. But be a fact, the team after growing, form a complete set of its human resource department will set up, at this point, the mission of the sand monk will be completed. But there will be an entrepreneur. Leave means, what is there against it, and walked out the sand monk, don’t forget, they also brought a better reputation.

and find translation in the process of telephone communication, always feel this person is very enthusiastic, team also from 3 to 10 people in China today. Find translation also acknowledges that the capital level, the sand monk is not a good story, but it’s ok to continue to do it, it’s interesting that the sand monk personal services, most of the last starting my own business, personal service also logical into institutions before sex. Vast army of entrepreneurship, there is a pile of sand monk, perhaps is a rather complete entrepreneurial ecosystem.

the sand monk entrepreneurship services

company: Beijing days yi ChengHeng business consulting co., LTD.


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