The secret of bracelet cost

cloud network hunting note: a couple of years ago, smart was virtually unknown hand ring, now open the jingdong mall, search for “smart bracelet”, you will find that more than 50 brands of more than 1500 product. Although the shape is similar, the function the same, but prices across 29 yuan to 1999 yuan, what is the difference? Bracelet cost what is it? The current digital darkroom is to reveal the secret.

article/Ceng Yue

technically, intelligent bracelet should be import, because the united people’s hobby is fitness, coupled with the microprocessor and the development of sensor, intelligent bracelet also arises at the historic moment. Now that is a new thing, want to come or tall, low price nature also won’t have a look at the foreign goods from us: Nike + Fuelband price 1080 yuan, Fitbit Flex price 898 yuan, the Jawbone Up 24 price 1458 yuan…

runescape hand ring wars

originally is no bracelet in the river’s lake, but since the mysterious branches after Google out an intelligent glasses, with family to wear smart hand ring also occurs naturally, glasses up to tens of thousands of appearance fee for intelligence, intelligent hand ring, one thousand yuan price is very competitive, coupled with the force, inflated step gauge and sleep monitoring function, so there will be a lot of early adopters.

there is a Chinese abuses of wushu is called the flow of high imitation, specifically to imitation of all products, because of the space dimension of different lead to information transfer is not smooth, so this genre has so far been successful.

due to the high copy flow of empty wushu has its shape without the god, so the price also is only half of the Yankee products. Until recently high copy flow appeared a geek, hand-held blade price, elusive, stir ring abandoning a martyr.

really smart bracelet cost geometric

for ordinary consumers, hundreds of thousands of costs to experience a new consumer electronics products, threshold is a little bit high indeed, so-called mass consumer goods, must be a public can accept the price, especially in the start stage of popularization. But early intelligent bracelet market because of the demand for smaller, consumer also is in be education stage, the market price of the bracelet so intelligent a mostly cost of early adopters, as consumer awareness is higher and higher, the price also gradually become hinder the user to obtain the threshold of the product.


but demand is the basic driving force of the product, with this demand, will appear the sacrifice short-term profits or earnings hardware manufacturers, such as known as the title of “industry spoiler” millet company. In domestic intelligence bracelet frequently bumps in yuan, imported bracelet few thousand yuan market environment, millet bracelet 79 yuan price is that all manufacturers and consumers “stunned”. So various disputes upsurge, but the final root lies in the price of 79 yuan, compared with the average price of domestic mainstream smart bracelets, $79 is definitely a “fire”.

so what intelligent bracelet how much is the cost? Today we’re in millet hand ring, for example, mainly to analyze the hardware cost of materials. Bracelet itself from the product level, intelligence process is not complicated, and there’s no need to powerful computing ability, in addition to packaging, millet bracelet as a whole has two parts, one is the strap, one is the fuselage, we have to analyze them one by one.

millet bracelet strap is composed of plastic belt and strap buckle. Strap using dow corning silicon thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPSiV) material, the market price is 90000 yuan/ton (excluding tax), strap buckle for aluminum alloy material. The fuselage main body by the internal PCB board (PCB) and external aluminum alloy block and the composition of the main body of polycarbonate shell.


say first PCB board, open after the millet hand ring, can see the motherboard have a processor, three-axis gyroscope sensor, memory chips, power supply chip, vibrator, LED lights, batteries and other components. Millet hand ring USES a Dialog A14580 ultra-low power sensors, market price of about 12.5 yuan; Three-axis gyroscope sensor at present market price in 6.5 yuan; Power chip (charging, DC/DC, etc.) 2.5 yuan; The buttons rechargeable battery 2.5 yuan; Other components (including vibrator, etc.) 6 yuan; Aluminum alloy shell, strap buckle and wristbands 5 yuan; Then add 4.5 yuan, outer packing and millet bracelet overall material cost is 39.5 yuan, need to explain, 39.5 the price is the price exclusive of tax, and 17% of value-added tax, the cost should be: 39.5 * 1.17=1.17 yuan.


of course, the cost of the product is not only a hardware cost, here we are just rough calculations with market representative millet hand ring materials cost, thus it can be seen that according to the current situation of supply chain, ordinary intelligent bracelet price is basic can control within 100 yuan.


should look at rational price


we see goods basically all is by the enterprise research and development production and sales, so in addition to see the material cost, including development, channels and other costs, such as human, as consumers should be rational to look at a product, rather than blindly pursue cheap. As profitable as the fundamental purpose of the enterprise, the pursuit of higher profits is the demand on its roots, millet company, for example, millet bracelet cost should be just cover the cost of $79. And close to the cost price of market behavior and millet company related to the product orientation, netizens can according to the cost of this millet bracelet to compare the bracelets on the market, help you make better choices.


note: this article from upstream suppliers, the price of the bracelet part material for reference only.

editorial : if intelligent hand ring is just a personal exercise tools, its itself is a “false needs” products created out of thin air; If put it in the concept of identity ID, then this will be a truly revolutionary product change human life.