The significance of O2O era, the traffic is cut

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the value of the flow in the event of a big change.

if a attributive is put in the front, is under the scenarios of the mobile Internet, those who were once all chasing the flow of preemption are suffering.

just like when you want to take a taxi, or you can choose a taxi from origins or fast taxi this App into rather than from a micro letter. Users are becoming more and more simple more and more lazy, rather than more and more advanced, more and more wisdom. In the mobile terminal, no who monopoly in traffic, or become the entrance. When all the more decentralized and fragmentation, and what is good traffic? In the era of mobile Internet, good traffic is when users need to flow.

flow value of the four stages of

look back from the PC to the mobile Internet era, it is not difficult to found that flow through a few times.

the first period of the core word is the user. That stage, transformation model, via the Internet is the most important ability is the ability to get the user, whether it’s search engine, site navigation, and the peak of the e-commerce, the traffic is the user, the traffic is the conversion rate and cashability. Until today, still have a lot of business model of their livelihood from it.

the second time is efficiency. This process, the Internet a lot of models are based on “flow” constantly improve and intensification of demand and derivatives. When traffic conversion rate lower, when once simple, rough way of getting traffic can not fully meet the demand. All kinds of fine is more accurate and effective operating control is the core of the test, such as polymerization Internet search and advertising, guide of the mode, and so on. The pulse of The Times, constantly in line with the new frequency, the efficiency of the new things. But in the end, just as many investors common adjectives, “or flow business.”

the third keyword is time. When used in the user’s mobile Internet, all the phone instead of the PC become hours used the highest frequency and the terminal. The Internet no longer produces incremental, but fully migrate to mobile terminal. In a variety of client fragmented environment, the world has been fragmented. Who can let users stay longer in their own products, will have a mobile on new opportunities.

however, of a change in the recent a lot of people have not obvious, is from the change of the flow properties.

on a mobile phone, it is difficult to form flow state monopoly. Even millet influence and accounted for 25% of the users, even WeChat occupied most of the time, the flow of doesn’t mean that they really have the PC era of equal value. The conversion process is difficult, a lot of traffic is not, in the middle of the flow loss is higher than it has ever been a time.

lei jun will think, how the flow of millet and WeChat or the flow of the mobile Internet giant scale. But here the attribute is not the same. Flow distribution and app store traffic, of course, but for O2O and based on the business scenario, affect relatively limited, or the flow rate is overrated. “When the Internet is more and more precise, all the things that did not reach the essence and core are haunted by highlighting efficient.” Flight steward CEO wang jiang said.

initial coupon period, for example, “thousand regiment war”, all of the group company to buy traffic for baidu. Soon, the group found that traffic conversion rate is very low, but really have high conversion rate of flow, many of them are through those three or four line city merchants, true brought by offline store. Compared with search engine access, Meituan CEO Mr Wang think that is the flow of high quality.

it is not difficult to explain the so-called flow failure. BAT three, especially in the O2O, baidu and didn’t have much say ali, fill in the blanks are mostly type of m&a strategy make up the loss, but whether it yourself or exogenous mergers and acquisitions, are equivalent to a business, or it is difficult to directly guide to be firm.

at this level, tencent a slight advantage but also limited. Just like not long ago, produced the alliance between the mass comments and tencent, the public comment on investment “hungry?” and therefore the secondary associated with tencent, but the letter itself strategy with local life line is not clear. When it comes to the offline training, but also involves the national business, complexity is very high, although everyone was thinking how can flow, but what will the micro flow guide has not been clear.

from selling goods to sell service

the mobile Internet era, the PC era accumulated flow properties have changed, we look at traffic perspective should not be the same again. Local life there are many scenes, grow a corresponding flow because of the scene. These traffic developed, is 10 times greater than the original flow even more. Take a taxi, for example, when the streets by hand for car moves a taxi for application, which is based on different scenarios have replaced the user’s behavior become online traffic, for O2O, this is the maximum value of depressions.

O2O is actually a online resources and the flow process of lead. Especially in the PC era, BAT itself respectively are significant traffic entrance, represented by Meituan and public comments on the Internet important variables are also wants to be the local flow entrance in the field of life services. But local life actually share very vertical, in the field of the vertical segmentation, former flow entrance is useful? Still can put the traffic to come over? Is a question worth thinking about.

here have to reference to ali’s selling point meal outside O2O business tao.

once in ali have been allocating ganjiang responsible for many times, now the location of the subtle. Previously responsible for the day the cat look crazy (Wang Yulei) is transferred in charge of tao, a short period of time, xiao feng again to return to the cat is responsible for the day, also is a person who in charge of three things, the day the cat, bargain, tao. Tao dots in ali internal important level is obvious in the fall.

tao dots in ali is O2O products, but also does not have huge traffic can get ali as imagine. Although giants have huge traffic, but in the era of O2O, there are some traffic can be migrated, and some will not.

a few months ago on March 8 phone taobao section. Is also created from a holiday, why Tmall “double a” can be a universal shopping mardi gras, and mobile phone taobao section is hard to form scale only stay on marketing gimmick?

when from “sell goods” to “sell” service, a large number of traffic is a failure. All the goods you can accumulate to a day to sell, users buy home even if you don’t use can also store the immediately. But all the rice can’t eat on the same day, the logic is not suitable for the service consumption of beer and skittles, service of O2O is a long-term process.

taobao, more than 10 years accumulated a huge flow of goods, buy the transformation will be high. But if you go to the local life service, is a commodity attribute, a service attributes, impossible to achieve seamless transformation in the middle.

and based on WeChat under the social relations of social flow, whether can lead to offline services, is also a big question mark. Like a hungry? CEO Zhang Xuhao why in many potential investors choose investment of public comment on: “public comments on the flow is the flow of beer and skittles, itself has formed many inherent nature, and high-end white-collar workers in a second-tier city circles became everyday tools.”

not only that, the public comments on the flow properties include media – on the review, you find or recommended the store has a name, telephone number, location information. “Check if it is a restaurant contact information, from the point of view of traffic public comments on a more comprehensive, more media properties, open the review can be called directly, but I more direct group in the United States is to choose a deal.” For the hungry yao, public comments on the flow properties in the field of local life is relatively better.

under the mobile Internet, how to make “high flow properties matching” better play out? How to combine the characteristics of the scene, let the traffic scene quickly? How to cooperate with the design of the business model, let the traffic flow is more valuable? Is a series of topics, is well worth thinking behind it is a better secondary bonus opportunity, just to see who can be caught.