The social applications allow only published, can let you finish communication?

if you have been waiting for a published only mood (Emoji) social applications, blessed are you, two such applications have been successively developed.

Emoji. Li

in the end of June this year, Emoji. Li are required to keep its users Emoji expression user name again and again, in order to meet its upcoming only issued a symbol of social applications.

yes, the social applications can only be published, you heard me. In such a social networking site can’t communicate with words, even your name, you should use expressions.

although Emoji. Li haven’t explicitly limit user name format, but should be on principle.


about a month later, a similar application Emojicate success online, defeated the Emoji. Li.

as its name suggests, Emojicate can be downloaded for free on the iOS device.

Emojicate also can only send Emoji expression, unable to communicate in words, can only rely on limited language for communication between the user and the meaning of knowing each other. A little bit but Emojicate convergence on the product form, it can use a text for the user name, via Facebook account login.

Emojicate developer added a new function at the same time, similar to a dynamic clock can display the specific time. Some purists Emoji expression think that it is a kind of cheating.

Emojicate not using conventional emoticons, on the contrary, in order to meet the requirements of users, it has designed a set of new emoji emoticons.

can sent Emoji expression of social applications will have any meaningful?

no. Because in real life, you can’t completely only Emoji face to communication.

“only Emoji expression to communicate not only difficult to interview, and meaningless. As (a coin symbol? (dancing girls, bunnies dancing, family…). Really no idea!” This is my summary of the whole busywork. Want practical or through real text language.

don’t say these, of course, there are good reasons, because it is totally nonsense.

exotic new experience

may be nonsense is the only hair Emoji expressions of potential characteristics of social applications. Use a picture of countless explanation of communication media means that provide countless possible — — — — — play the guessing game also can saying is deliberately give users a whole new way to kill time.

but it is not utterly meaningless, to dialogue with Emoji expression, you can even communicate with a foreigner language. There are many benefits can think of. Also can attract teenagers like novelty.

yukio okamoto,

in addition, expand slightly, and yukio okamoto, a social application – moji. This is one of the recent huge investor support new message module application. Behind this application is extremely widespread coverage, can let people when and where can send a simple greetings (yukio okamoto,).

this “one word message” new applications for “yukio okamoto,” is worth expanding in the last time the valuation of $10 million.

so, these social applications can sent Emoji expression is crippling action to use in summer to already overcrowded information market place, their one and only one thought in mind: