The street do not help, do workplace anonymous social toast

first, anonymous speech should be responsible for? Don’t make, the za is to build a strong, don’t increase height? Anonymous social now again without chewing is more fun, acquaintances and anonymous social for domestic copy secret in the fire. Drive a large number of entrepreneurs to join the social domain, anonymous broken market.

as a domestic social and professional networking sites street network recruitment, recently launched a anonymous social applications toast. To tell you the truth, the street in 2011 after A round of millions of dollars in financing, the voice of the market in recent years is also modest. Mobile end a few products such as street, school recruiting season didn’t have a very large market downloads and products hot degrees. Seems to be silent for too long, they need a voice.

still, but new applications or deserves our praise. New product toast on the application experience. Product positioning in the workplace anonymous speech and social. Main purpose of workplace decompression, solve the people like in the workplace: weibo can’t turn company gossip, circle of friends, thumb up boss secret QQ group of colleagues lace can’t chat. And similar messages and workplace professionals career.

I always stick to the point of view, people only in a relatively safe environment to tell the truth, such as anonymous. How to stimulate, is anonymous between acquaintances. So the secret of domestic will fire (wrong, should now be called not dense).

and more focused on workplace toast, now offers is safe “fun environment” and more accurate company gossip (secrets) can subscribe to the company. Pandora’s box open, abdomen black thing will follow. But there is no denying the fact that a more secure environment can bring more real secret. Remove the gossip, fun. Scudamore if you, you can through the directional company secret spy out of a side.

this is toast in the real hidden social value, to vent emotions, workplace exposure is the workplace, the black and black, this is the lively workplace social. Rather than cold recommended professional networks, China is not foreign, connections are derived from the table. Really achieved by online contacts, also need to offline. So cold workplace social is doomed to failure. Street of this step, is to oneself of the transformation and turn around.

back to the topic, to work for social anonymous, except the toast, and silently, gazing at the client of anonymous gossip plate, activity is also very good, just to make up for a pure network attribute of social utility.

this is obviously a again. Actually, toast and no secret is not comparable. No close acquaintances in anonymous social fields. Is a kind of identity, wear a mask of a kind of social anger. On workplace social toast is more of an exploration, is combined with the anonymous coat. To such, also is not optimistic, professional, how in the world in the future social development under the conclusion if too early, is more of their face. Still waiting for the better.



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