The struggle to tencent: QQ and micro letter each have each trouble

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

all of a sudden, the micro letter is 4 years, from the beginning of micro letter from mobile phone QQ ground to take root, to now flourishing, housekeep, only 4 years time, the small letter, QQ to jilt to nine street than products, each other about the same, than team, also the same, than the number of users, also about the same, but, QQ and micro letter, still there are a lot of trouble.

internal weakened gradually in tencent QQ

in the PC era, QQ is well-deserved im field of Kings. But after the rise of WeChat, mobile phone QQ in the future will be replaced by WeChat infer that noise is the highest.

there as early as 2012, tencent in the field of game began to “entertainment”, nearly two years, tencent began to “QQ” of course, the former to tencent bring great brand symbols began to be played down the user’s platform.

one of the most obvious is the tencent in recent years, the development of mobile phone APP products, quietly renamed, tencent foreign of all the products before, almost all use QQ names. Such as QQ computer keeper, QQ phone synchronization and so on, in addition to QQ email now, the other is to take away “QQ”, such as cloud plate, is called micro cloud, and as some security products, ‘stewards tencent phone instead. Tencent’s products in the future is expected to weaken the QQ brand, strengthen the brand “tencent”.

in addition, tencent insiders say “QQ since 2012 to entertainment, so the importance of tencent in the QQ group reduced many.”

ma once said, “many people believe that tencent’s success is because of the QQ client software, we can easily through the channels to access to the user. But hit channels is just an assassin, channel strong age has in the past, occupy YuanTouZhe is’ revolutionary ‘.”

there are media, set up less than half a year’s WeChat enterprise group currently employs 1307 people, the SNG (social network business group) department subordinate QQ number less than one thousand people, the development of more than a decade of QQ department staff than WeChat the newly established enterprise group of employees.

on the active users of it, there are only 50 million, 2012 active users WeChat, to 2013 active users surged to 355 million, to 2014 WeChat combined with WeChat on active accounts up 87% to 396 million. Tencent insider revealed that more micro credit number so far has topped 600 million, micro letter overseas operations may be independent development in the future.

QQ will probably fall from the top from one into another era.

tencent already felt the pressure, the latest results data more obvious. The latest 14 years in the second quarter earnings, according to QQ on active accounts for up to 829 million, a fall of 2% from the previous quarter, 1% higher than the same period last year. WeChat and WeChat on the merger of the active accounts for up to 438 million, a 11% increase over the previous quarter, compared with the same period last year growth of 57%.

micro letter view of user experience

phone since have the micro letter, micro letter and function of micro group of friends, really brought mobile phone users great convenience information circulation, especially the image transmission, quick and clear, by the vast number of users welcome.

however, after a period of observation, the author also found that the function of the nuisance of evil. The evil is mainly manifested in the following two aspects:

1, some users when there are deemed as a good WeChat content or WeChat link, is not the issue in the circle of friends, make friends circle or selectively share silently, but send a spate of individuals, and sends the frequency is high, no matter each other have time to see, and these information are not interested, which leaves the passive side.

2. Some users prefer chatting, but on the number of members and members of the class without limits, the result to people of different groups and different interests together, and even the busy and leisure mixed up. Busy busy not over, helping someone else talking about, and leisure are all talk incessantly, even noisy, seriously affecting the majority of the work and rest.

often heard friends complain: “information on his mobile phone is busy, but di di di ringing off the hook, was supposed to attend to not top view, but worry that they delayed maybe some urgent affairs, open on see, is all some XianShiEr.” Some friends germination out of impulse for many times, every encounter this kind of situation, I have persuade friend like “don’t refund group, best friend, a group of will make him embarrassed.” But looking back, I also want to persuade the main group of friends: building group while it is possible to close friends, can share the happiness and the information resources, but the number should not be too much, there were so many people will appear all sorts of problems, the different style, different interest and aspirations of people together, it may appear likely, lovers, for some topic, someone, someone is not interested in, even emergent tired. In fact, a group of even reached the upper limit of one hundred, the number of real active person also can’t more than 10 people, more than 90% of people are on the sidelines in a passive state. Group of Lord can according to different needs, establish multiple different types of groups, have exclusive cultural exchanges, have exclusive advertising, exclusive entertainment frolicking. Birds of a feather flock together group of points, only interest is consistent, the same rotten tastes, can tightly embrace together.

some friends may think, the above-mentioned two aspects of things is not surprising. If you really think so, time is long, it is difficult to guarantee not shielded or refund group.

business model remains unknown micro letter

but the entire group, WeChat significance lies in the future, is the meaning of QQ now, for tencent QQ is still a cash Taurus: the second quarter results show that although domestic medium-sized casual games affected by off-season factors, tencent network game in the quarter revenue has increased by 7% to RMB 110. 8.1 billion yuan, mainly by QQ mobile growth and WeChat smartphone game revenue growth. WeChat, by contrast, the benefits are minimal.

tencent has said, the continuous growth of the micro credit number, the user activity, for three reasons: one is the continuous improvement of the micro letter group, pay; 2 it is to partner with jingdong, sogou, and other areas of the vertical cooperation and deepen the operating advantages; Three is continued to promote user participation in the international market.

results highlighted, in the second quarter, main source of online game tencent profits earned 11.081 billion yuan. Among them, the QQ on the mobile version and WeChat smartphone game revenue growth to about RMB 3 billion.

according to forward-looking industry institute released “2014-2018 Chinese social networking industry development prospects and investment opportunity analysis report shows that as of November 2013, micro letter registered users has exceeded 600 million, just three years time has become one of Asia’s biggest instant messaging software user groups.

analysys international mobile instant messaging tool in the second quarter of 2014, according to data from the number of active users, WeChat ranked 1, QQ ranked 2nd, ChatON (samsung’s new a cross-platform chat software) row 3.

QQ as established instant messaging software, commercial road is already forming, QQ value-added services such as members, canary, green brick, is the main force of tencent’s revenue. WeChat only half in less than four years to finish QQ more than ten years bearing down active users, plus QQ on active users growth rate slowed down, always hide QQ feel great pressure. But for WeChat, how to find a good business model is also a top priority, otherwise once the time change the emergence of a new product, maybe in the future will become a position similar to QQ now.