The tech world best nouveau riche device, a taxi industry abroad also is a mess!

compared with Uber and Lyft beating each, technology used to Apple and Google’s argument is not a thing. Uber and Lyft these two upstart device badly, as if in the plot to let the taxi industry, and to kill each other.

Uber and Lyft roadblocks each other in San Francisco. They actually between the dozens of cities, is filled with smoke there, they all want to provide users with the so-called “let people get a taxi in a few minutes” service.

the price of this two encounters are weaken each other, bringing in the driver, but at the same time they also draw lessons from each other, so that the two services have become “sometimes-complex mix-and-match I in you”, boundary is not clear.

but in fact, it looks like two big fights, the brother of the technology industry to duke it out. This is a future city traffic leadership race. Many customers now for Uber and Lyft produced dependence, has not only been used only for the cab driver, bus or train, even in some cases, when the car will be used.

for such transportation Shared classes used the biggest opposition comes from regulators, taxi drivers and the local taxi commission organization, they had tried to ban the company’s operations, charged the billions of dollars worth of transport industry has entered a rapid transition period.

at the same time, the market potential of these companies have not only stay on the travel for pleasure. In June, with investors with a $18.2 billion valuation for Uber, think it can be developed into a mainstay of the similar FedEx between city logistics network.

so far, this competition’s result is obvious. In a glib technician Travis Kalanick, Uber’s market share is almost three times as much as Lyft. Lyft Logan, the founder of Green and John Zimmer to their car carefully made a friendly “beard” pink, encourage each other when greeting guests a punch, use to draw the heart. At the same time, the number of employees Uber Lyft four times, the investment is Lyft five times.

lead in the marketplace, however, does not mean that the absolute success. Lyft application and some other emerging out traffic searching for transferring passengers from point A to point B in the novel way, it will set off A new level of competition.

this competition also involves recruiting new drivers. Recruitment of new driver is related to the taxi service quickly and accuracy, which can directly affect the biggest customers the fastest service network is established. Thought Lyft spokesman said last week, Uber employees often abuse Lyft service in the past few months, often require a taxi service, but actual taxi distance is very short, only a few intersection. Even under a day will be dozens of such list, serious impact on the efficiency of using Lyft driver.

these order personnel are Uber driver, they introduce a new driver is toward the bonus rules, using such methods to encourage the use of Lyft driver for Uber. In may, the Wall Street journal reported Uber to employees of the email, Uber introduce new driver to provide a $250 bonus, if the driver is Lyft users, add to the $500 bonus, if you can successfully “against” a new driver can training Lyft senior driver, add to the $1000 prize.

Uber Uber spokesman rejects is deliberately placing frame Lyft that reward but does provide to the company to introduce the driver said. She said: “recently implemented a policy that encourage everyone to use from each platform to introduce the driver Uber, can a few hundred dollar prize in this way.”

another “synchronous” god also happened last week. Difference before and after the two companies almost at the same time (hours) issued a similar “carpool” service. Lyft Line and Uber Pool both services allow customers to carpool with strangers, thereby reducing the fare.

let customers carpooling means racing car number is less, so natural income also is less. The Lyft President, said Mr Zimmer: but, as time will test everything, the fare is cheaper, more customers can be attracted to register and use the application, thus promoting the old users continue to use.

Mr Zimmer said, carpooling Lyft development mode has for several years, and in a few months ago has set up a project team will be the idea into practice. He says there are other companies to see them in the innovation and imitation is a pleasure thing for them.

then an Uber spokesman said Uber Uber Pool has been trying for several months, and in the end is applied for a patent for the carpool program.

about the competition, Uber, a spokesman for the brutal response: “Uber is the market leader, as early as 2010, when all the people do not believe that can exist in such applications, Uber has been done. Now appeared around us is very competitive “clones”, I think the spirit of competition for the big market and customers are not good.”

a emerging out traffic application sidecars investors Lisa Gansky published his views, she said it is no wonder that Uber and Lyft device as a bee, because now, once there’s a new feature or function, will catch on quickly. Last week, sidecars also issued a statement saying they also test the carpool function for months.

now Uber actually earn enough money to buy it directly Lyft, end this competition. According to an assessment of the April, those small application worth about $700 million of emerging, and Uber investment as much as $1.2 billion in June. Mr Kalanick for other emerging applications, however, seem to have shrugged off, do not plan to buy out the way put an end to them, it is hope to make Uber leads the features and functions of the market.

one of the most successful high copy application than UberX, that was launched by an amateur Uber2012 years drivers and passengers matching application. At that time, Uber only provides the high-end vehicle services, such as Lincoln Town, services are “tall”. But just after Lyft issue and promote travel to share a few months, Uber began to do their own service, become the most customers are willing to choose and use travel transport.

about this part, Uber Lyft do reference. Uber original real-time map, can let customers see nearby drivers, this feature is similar to Uber Lyft. In addition, the “prime time” price of Lyft is imitated Uber “rush hour” function.

emerging applications also spent the idea on the price. Both companies are struggling to lower the price, to attract more customers by using the method of reduce profit margins. Lyft even gave up a commission of 20% at the beginning of this year.

last week, Lyft statement they will open the commission, commission depends on the driver but the number of hours a week. More than 50 hours of work a week driver and Lyft share costs. But on the contrary, if less than 15 hours a week of work time, the driver will have to be alone out of the 20%.

the company also prime-time shows that offer 20% commission will be kept by the company. This is a major policy change, because the past is to keep the cost by ourselves.

Mohan from Lama Uber is now the driver, he was once driving a taxi in San Francisco. He thinks Lyft began to receive commission, should be more drivers will choose Uber. He thinks Lyft it is suicide.

the welfare of the drivers is quite good, actually from the insurance to the new car financing, etc. In march, Lyft and Uber policy introduced, respectively, in the same week, time also provide insurance for taxi no customers. It is definitely a certainty for regulators, because they don’t have to worry about one thousand out of the blame for the accident.

have to say, the competition between Uber and Lyft sometimes bitter and endure. In March 2013, Kalanick and Zimmer because Lyft insurance policy on twitter even Shouting to each other. Two people, you eventually ended in “Zimmer Kalanick to his office. Uber CEO tweet back as follows: I think you have so many things to do, such as imitation.

Gartner analyst Thilo Koslowski analysis says, actually from Uber and Lyft imitate each other can be seen, but travel the application of the threshold is very low. Is actually Uber and Lyft without a car, but also not hire a driver, they are, in fact, is only for customers and facilitate the driver.

what is undeniable is that investors have invested $2 billion in the two companies, and hope these two apps will inevitably red on for a long time. Millions of passengers are increasingly accustomed to using Uber in daily travel, Uber also is Apple Store inside one of the most downloaded application.

a Benchmark partner Bill Gurley, said: “stimulate the demand is very difficult, but it is also very useful. Can appear on the iPhone home page that already can not do without it.”