The thunder! WP voice called assistant into China & quot; XiaoNa & quot;


according to the rhythm of the Microsoft, Windows Phone 8.1 update had been spread by the developer edition. Update the WP8.1 Update includes dynamic folder, supports full hd resolution, dual SIM card and so on. of course, this brings the most important still is Microsoft’s own voice Cortana management assistant, named “XiaoNa” in Chinese.

voice management assistant Cortana initially BUILD Microsoft developers conference in April, after nearly four months Microsoft will achieve its localization in China and the UK’s support. In the four months, Microsoft also bring us the bot “ice”, it is understood that “small” and “XiaoNa” in the same cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology, but “small ice” to the Internet and the third party platform, and Microsoft’s own Windows Phone “XiaoNa” is the main service platform. But Microsoft said XiaoNa and small ice interact in the future will be wonderful.

Microsoft to promote “XiaoNa”, also the image of a little dough for their design. through the demonstration, a XiaoNa can do these things:

query weather

query path

say half sentence after classical poetry and music reading

send a text message

in the cool music I find and play music

voice control WeChat send friends

ask English dictionary

the above live demonstration success rate of close to 100%, rarely a bug.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update will start from next week to gradually push, all eight Windows Phone users in theory will receive this Update.

attached, some Windows Phone 8.1 Update new feature

new hardware support for the following:

C + G network dual SIM card (the scene shows a double card from hisense telecom custom machine);

support qHD resolution;

high voltage fast charging;

bluetooth cases;

bluetooth enhancement, etc.

client new features:

the IE browser to improve performance;

text merge forward;

activity porcelain post;

enhance the Xbox Music (home, I’m afraid there won’t be), and so on. Digital (sohu)