The tipping point of investors: how to find a product

cloud network hunting note: in many successful Internet products, has a tipping point is common in common. Then what products do to have a tipping point? Plum blossom Wu Shichun venture partners think to find the products find differentiation is in fact the tipping point.

the following is a sharing of Wu Shichun:

I think enterprise find product tipping point is how to find difference.

we can see some of the industry before analyze the tipping point where it is. 360 into safe antivirus industry, jinshan and rising has made it big in this field, rising income at that time should have 700 million – 800 million yuan. But in 360 found a tipping point – free, formed the great differentiation and original products, allow users to free, safe these labels on the 360 security guards.

when a bulk war first where the tipping point? Was presented Meituan expired. At that time, many sites in the user didn’t finish my consumption amount of precipitation as their income, the group first puts forward the return date. Many group-buying scold Mr Wang, said he dragged the industry into the profits of the red sea. But, and analyses the early group of users, they trust deals, but again afraid oneself go in to buy a bulk of money, expired without spending money back don’t come back, so they in order to set up the differentiation with other sites, first proposed the return date. They found the group buying at the time the first tipping point.

a industry in different stage have different needs, you have to analyze yourself. Find a tipping point to analyze the industry first, to what level at present, the user’s focus where, then, should combine their own advantage. Some of the tipping point is not to be able to afford, for example, if you do the video web site, if there is no money, you want to large-scale investment content, purchase products copyright must be unrealistic.

a tipping point “burst”, not only in the sense of the outbreak, and the meaning of critical eye. You need to let users give you affix a label is different from other competitors. Actually in the beginning, the most afraid of be homogeneous, or you become so-and-so, others think of you as a field behind the third, fourth, and even more obscure, but you need to find new ways of positioning and segmentation, positioning itself to a more market segments. Users can only accept the first, most have a impression on second and third, the third and fourth, if can’t find the corner overtaking opportunities in this field will slowly disappear.

we know in the Internet, there is a “721 law”, the first will occupy 70% of the market, the second will occupy about 20% market share, the third will occupy 10% of the market. Like QQ, MSN, and before the search engine market, now the market is on the move in that direction. So be sure to do a certain niche in the first, second, at least the second has the potential to be acquired.

the last time I asked in the love, how to position themselves, you want to do in the field of which the first name? He said that we are number one long video content browsing. The video web site traffic is not the first, when he said I in this vertical niche is the first name, the market through its own orientation and segmentation, found his breakthrough point, no matter from the user’s cognition, media or their own resources into perspective, find the breakthrough point.

for startups, because the resources, capabilities, and funds are very limited, so we need to find a point to wear it, playing through. This point is and resource matching, how much money you have, can do many things. You can’t invest their limited resources to do beyond their scope, and strive to make their company can carry on the differentiation with other competitors and subdivision positioning.

some time ago, circulating circle of friends a words: a company to find their own the battle of jingzhou. The development of an enterprise, first of all, needs to have the process of quantitative change to qualitative change, first in terms for grinding, user research, team construction work unceasingly, can find their own slowly again a tipping point, you can’t take the time to find a tipping point, every day an enterprise a tipping point is a stage, it is a process.

for start-ups, assume that I am the second and third, I should at least in the product above has a small difference with the first name. In the absence of gap, I didn’t get a chance to go to a tipping point. However, if your products and your service has a great gap with the first name, so, you go to the tipping point becomes meaningless.

only, your product can achieve industry first, to find the tipping point, and then find their differentiation or can find user eyeball opportunity, at the same time to find the outbreak of the opportunity.