The trouble of Momo Pour to remove about X

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the five cities in north shenzhen rong of subway station, bus stasiun belakang and taxi advertising, recently, Momo again in typical of traditional media, the legal evening news published a full page AD. “You quietly into a Wolf, I devoted to devoted to become a scapegoat”, “still treat me like about X, please don’t in vain” AD copy such as trigger netizen much discussion on weibo, # help stranger devoted to wash white white # topics focus on more than ten million people.
A booty call trapped also booty call
Momo early rapid rise, the label “booty call artifact” has played a big role, although Momo official never admitted himself to hype, but the user has to form a deep impression. Aimed at strangers location-based social demand, and on every smartphone wave of popularity, let Momo in the schools of thought contend, WeChat dominant era of mobile social fight our way out.
By the media hyped artifact concept let Momo have continued to the topic of sex, this money is not enough, and don’t add traffic to early infancy has played a key role. Topics discussed fully devoted to devoted to gain the continuous exposure.
But when the user scale of today’s 120 million, 19 million active users, the label became devoted to the stranger. The population of China is much, but will accept “booty call artifact” products co., LTD., after all. Because the label, many don’t understand the product mass illusion that only people who think about guns on the stranger, stranger. Momo, however, is still trapped in the how to let potential customers know Momo stage again. Momo user scale to more on the step, 200 million, even 300 million, must get rid of the label.

a key step before listing To remove booty call tag
Recently, the industry is being devoted to the news of the stranger is going public, although the stranger stranger declined to comment, but you can be sure that plans have been devoted to stranger on the agenda. However, in today’s situation, although the capital market is given a $2 billion valuation, but currently listed may not be the best time, if can remove booty call tag, Momo valuation may be higher.
As already noted, the capital market will also have a concern, devoted to devoted to whether growth is close to the neck of the bottle, or are about to enter the next explosive phase of development, can remove the tag as a key step.
As you can imagine, once Momo success to remove the label, on the basis of existing user relationship, may become a par WeChat universal mobile social applications, then valuations now will be far more than $2 billion, 5 billion, or even $10 billion may be, look at tencent entered the stage of surge since last August’s share price will know that when the early look at Facebook $19 billion bid for WhatsApp, can feel the mobile IM social market both at home and abroad.
Listed before, get rid of the booty call tag success, is the most crucial step Momo at present.
Momo has even three Can consider to fill a large move
From the very beginning, devoted to stranger is taboo in the industry for its labeled about guns, and then began to comprehensive rejection comments about guns, now, devoted to devoted to have do not hesitate to invest heavily to reshape comprehensive brand image, play the Slogan of “there’s always a novelty in the side”.
In early may, Momo in north shenzhen rong five cities on a large scale of the subway, bus station advertising, this group of advertising including “about him to make a” “about her than skill” “about his fly” “about him as creator” “about her baby” “ask her to save the planet” six scenarios, through bold use “about” series, to illustrate Momo is a healthy social tools, the main social interests. Can say that this series of ads is curve for national salvation, declined by distracting booty call and harassment.
At the end of may, after the mass on the station advertising, devoted to stranger began in the newspaper media advertising, while its “ulterior motives” chose the legal evening news. Attention Momo or WeChat, often can see some for these two apps are cheat money cheating the color information, and the content of the subject matter is often appear in the legal evening news class metropolitan newspapers media, Momo the aim is to get the due to see the legal evening news media news reports and user of Momo wear tinted glasses, reevaluation of Momo understanding Momo, and tries to dispel the negative impression of Momo users.
Although the legal evening news newspaper readers are not Momo the main goal of the user, but Momo choose typical the legal evening news is a new brand image to convey to the industry through the silent revolt. In the legal evening news on this group of advertising, “you silently into the Wolf Momo, I become a scapegoat”, “still treat me like about X, please don’t in vain” and other slogans can be said to be keen and vigorous directly face.
In addition, advertising by a big margin in shaping a new brand image at the same time, Momo has strict measures on purification platform environment. That is banned in the 3 million equipment is enough to prove that devoted to devoted to crack down on bad information determination.
However, the individual thinks Momo doing enough, should also can do some more malicious. Momo labeled “artifact” booty call, and when Mike sui is directly related to the course of a popular Internet video, since Momo want to show that the booty call attitude, consider suing Mike sui huge reparations. Court sentenced to who wins is not important, the important things it Fried the bigger the better, or will be devoted to this landmark event devoted to get rid of some gun tag. Solve the problem to be traced back to the big recruit enough malicious? See later who dare say Momo booty call, careful to Sue you, hum.

of course, to remove about hat doesn’t mean that, devoted to devoted to the future prospects will be flat all the way, this is just a first step, there are more difficult, second waiting below.
In addition to booty call tag, there is also a topic is Momo impossible to bypass, namely WeChat. How about gun hat after take off, with micro letter face to face with competition, will be devoted to devoted to face another big problem. Momo also has the benefit of the tencent, the company has plans to roll out small groups, this is clearly aimed at Momo go. Facing WeChat, Momo investors ali is hand does not, Momo and how to deal with?
100 million user is devoted to devoted to the first camp, devoted to stranger across the success, 300 million users will be devoted to devoted to the second camp, devoted to devoted to how to cut again?
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