The Wintel? Intel decided to help Google this development

Windows PC business stalled, the Wintel the common support for PC 30 years glorious old friend also for each job. In addition to targeting Android, Intel also intends to help Google this development.

Google Chrome OS is to support the ARM architecture, and support the Intel architecture, GeChang released last year this samsung used in the production of ARM chips, and adopted such as acer Intel chips.

Intel in communication to the media said at the meeting held a few days ago, last year only four this using Intel chips, will add to the 20 this year, including from acer, asus, lenovo and Toshiba’s new this, including lenovo’s two models has been released yesterday. Acer and dell this also will use Intel i3 chip.

with Intel chips of this project are:

1, acer see release 11.6 inches of the C200 this summer and the 13.3 -inch C300

2, acer in the second half of the year except C720 back-to-school launch a pick up in the fourth generation of i3 processor product

3, dell this 11 USES Intel i3

4, LG in CES Chromebase 26 began to go on sale this month, HP Chromebox will start selling.

Intel and Google jointly held the press conference, looking to Chrome OS and Intel mutual cooperation in the future.

when PC sales downturn, with Google Chrome OS this in the education market and institutional bulk purchase a low-cost areas opened the situation and got good grades. More and more PC makers to try this and tried to spread to the broader consumer market. Intel and the PC makers are natural industry alliance, certainly don’t want to miss this trend.

this form or notebook mostly, Intel chips and energy consumption, though less ARM architecture, but this energy demand as well as mobile phone and tablet. Intel with more computing power and gradually improve the energy consumption of the opportunity to ARM by the market.

Microsoft Intel’s traditional partners but disgust Chrome OS, this year also in the “scroogled” against Google advertising campaigned against this is one to leave the network to do anything to break the box. Currently in Italy, however, Intel has to consider the feelings of Microsoft.