The world’s first no screen TV very m sale on April 24, formal appointment

10 years ago, LCD, plasma TV, the rise of the mass destruction of CRT manufacturers; Ten years later, Letv, lenovo, millet are also enjoying their own smart TV party, and at this point, the traditional flat TV producers as background; We can not help but ask, from the tube to the LCD/LED, again from LCD/LED to smart TV, and the next? Might have been…

on April 24, Beijing people’s art printing plant, by the printing plant has the overall move to premier zhou enlai title as well, before the old factory now has adapted for creative park, and on this day to witness a landmark product available: new technology companies – very m science and technology announced officially launched the first screen smart TV, and formally accept reservation on April 24. It is also the world’s first production of smart TV screen.

a meters without screen smart TV application will

review: Internet TV, LCD TV into the display terminal

the Internet has deeply ordinary life, communication, shopping, and even our work life is its changes, including the television, that is “box”.

in essence, the rise in recent years, smart TV, and traditional LCD, LED or the PDP, the difference is that smart TV producers will only LCD monitors, and independence is the core of signal processing into various box, box + liquid crystal display, including the cost of LCD accounted for more than 80% generally, and the price of all kinds of box but hundreds of yuan.

under review the development of liquid crystal TV, we naturally find LCD TV morphed into a display terminal trajectory: the 90 s, LCD TV with great development opportunities, and in the domestic, LCD TV really into ordinary people but also the screen cost down for nearly five years: as nearly half of the cost of LCD TV LCD panel prices down gradually, below 50 inches of liquid crystal TV really into ordinary people, but bigger size LCD television will take time.

in fact, these are called LCD TV display terminal, already not in the traditional sense of the TV, can only be called display: because of its core control, terminal operation still into various TV set-top boxes.

TV Internet change trend is irreversible.

outlook: domestic TV in the sitting room to save limited

although traditional TV manufacturers have long been aware that “display terminal + box” TV industry will become the standard, but obviously they control of new things is much less than the more familiar with the music of the Internet, millet: they pulled 50 inch display with price as low as 3000 yuan of less than, match with the fusion together to promote more Internet content box, cause consumer groups.

music television producers have stormed to the tradition of depending on the bullet: bigger size of the display, the price is much cheaper than they are at least a third or more. Such as Letv 70 inch super TV price 9000 yuan, the price of product of traditional TV makers 70 inches in 15000 yuan of above.

but domestic TV into the living room is also limited, despite more than 80 inches of liquid crystal TV price is up to tens or even hundreds of thousands of whether can be accept by consumers, even if the LCD can be big, but the user of the sitting room can’t unlimited extension, by big size LCD screen to form a true home theater for the vast majority of ordinary users could only dream of.

no screen smart TV arises at the historic moment.

no screen smart TV industry X factor

CEO Zhong Bo pointed out to extremely, extremely launched by meters without screen smart TV is not real no screen, but rather through intelligent terminal m television, television broadcasting will display images projected onto the family on the wall of the sitting room, so as to obtain 15-180 inches large display screen.

“extremely meters’ no screen TV is turn any place into a screen, break through the traditional television limited by restrictions on the size of the screen. Actually very m no maximum projection screen TV size is 300 inches, a 180 – inch formulation is given that most area is not only a limited amount of family living room wall.” Zhong Bo said.

reporter at the scene found very m TV, mobile meters without screen TV, as long as the content quality assured, projection screen can change freely, with high quality sound system, the sitting room in the family can build a home theater effect completely. The reporter also found that most meters without screen smart TV 3 d imaging effect is far higher than ordinary smart TV.

a rice in the field of science and technology, explains very m no screen TV is Taiwan Mstar (global share of more than 70%), the top 4 core chip, chip built-in 3 d function, and the industry recognized N0.1 Mstar3D effect. On other hardware configuration, rice also only with the industry’s top manufacturers cooperation, such as no using projection screen TV is most advanced in the field of Texas instruments DLP projection technology, Germany osram LED light source, the air is extremely meters customized dedicated power supply, etc.

in addition, a rice in the field of science and technology announced that extremely meters without screen smart TV for 2999 yuan, from April 24 in m officer open online booking, retail price respectively, the reporter understands from each big TV channels of retail dealers, more than 80 – inch screen LCD TV’s retail price is in 30000 yuan of above, in other words, a m no screen smart TV one over ten of the retail price was only about them, relative to the domestic numerous users of desire to start a family cinema, pole meters without screen smart TV is undoubtedly a fatal temptation.