The world’s first WeChat intelligent bracelets, sells for less than $100

Razer (Razer) announced on Wednesday evening, for its upcoming Nabu wearable wristband support in micro letter.

in addition to gain a notification on the device, WeChat and Razer is studying how to use the via voice, shaking hands or high-five to exchange contact can quickly. Nabu users can also use this product with micro letter friends sharing fitness record.

but want to realize all the product function, must be based on the fact, is the others in the use of Nabu. How the user choose the product rather than choose Samsung, Motorola, LG (not to mention apple’s upcoming iWatch) products will be a huge challenge.

at CES in January this year, as Razer Nabu first wearable devices appeared for the first time, and was known. It provides a smart design watches and fitness with some of the best function, also has unique functions such as double notification screen.

cloud network editor you think hunting, the price is also Nabu can distinguish it from other same products on the market one of the factors. Chief executive of Min – Liang Tan told Re/code: “Nabu will be less than $100 in a month or two into the U.S. market.”

Tan said: “we think this will be the absolute mainstream products, this is also why we have to develop it into an open platform and actively participate in price competition.”

Tan said Nabu will support iOS and Android system, and the company is also considering whether to support Windows Phone system.

Nabu will be in the fourth quarter of this year in China, it will be for micro letter is a very considerable business.