The world’s most exotic products: the MacBook converted into Surface

before the advent of the tablet, if you want to have an apple tablet, it can consider to buy from a company named Axiotron hand Modbook: spend $2279, Axiotron can take an apple MacBook, teardown, placement within the Wacom digital plate and the stylus, restructuring, and finally become a tablet. However, with the apple tablet and the impact of financial crisis, the advent of Axiotron also changed into Modbook Inc., and published Modbook Pro, and at the beginning of the Macbook transformation, the knife only object is the Macbook Pro.

in simple terms, what this company do, refit the MacBook Pro is similar to the Surface Pro products. And, they firmly believe that with people willing to pay $thousands of yuan for this wonderful work product.

now, Modbook Inc., seems to have ready for the new product will be on again: Modbook Pro X. New products in 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro and release the updated version of previous models on the basis of improvement, the specifications will be laptop into a tablet. As in the past, Modbook Pro X to appeal to those who directly on the tablet screen writing rather than in a specific drawing board type artists and other creative talent. The project so far is only a raise project, if can’t raise target $150000, the Modbook Pro X’s life and death will be no destiny.

Modbook Pro X will be retained in the last year of Retina MacBook Pro existing port, CPU, GPU, and specifications of the screen at the same time, with the appearance of black, the thickness of 0.7 inches and 4.95 pounds of weight, than the Retina MacBook Pro gained about 0.5 pounds. Product configuration screen support 2048 different stress levels of digital plate, the built-in software will also make full use of the powerful digital board hardware. Two rows of installed in a flat on the back of the optional keybars keyboard will provide quick hotkeys, let users can not affect the creation of the screen to achieve other operating at the same time.

the Ars Technica have criticised the Modbook existing operational difficulties, and on Windows this easy to operate, portable Modbook on this question is no chance of refutation. In order to lay a turnaround, Modbook not only for the new product is equipped with keybars says, is also equipped with a keyboard stand, the whole contour backlit bluetooth keyboard even has a protective screen. Deserve to go up again a bluetooth mouse or trackpad, users can have a perfect portable this – for top dyed apple more than once criticized such portable laptop is a hodgepodge of small tools, but for those who are in need of this kind of laptops, delicious Modbook Pro X.

Modbook Inc., is not to become a second firm: cloning, sell, finally and apple in court; Modbook company is doing, is apple’s hardware and transform it. So technically, Modbook users actually use or Mac: anytime, anywhere can install Mac software, update and upgrade system without having to worry about the system will collapse. But Modbook to Retina MacBook Pro inside some crucial upgrade renovation, including the 2 TB hard drive, and 32 gb of memory (apple’s only 16 gb memory limit and cannot increase). Modbook Inc., which would only give their use is “a top equipment to upgrade laptop memory – but Ars Technica that Modbook Inc., is to replace the original memory with the capacity of the larger chips.

Modbook of each new generation will have to be faced with a generation of different market environment. The come out between Modbook and Modbook Pro; Since Modbook Pro since its launch, the market started with Windows 8 portable this – mostly equipped with popular digital plate and a stylus. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 sale price begins with $799, far below so far all Modbook products, more important is on the target Surface series basically stable between users of praise. However Modbook Inc. CEO Andreas Haas doesn’t seem to concern about the market in an increasingly crowded:

“of course, we are still very pay attention to our target market. But the fact is that many tablets are lack of momentum on the market, and do not have the creative users interested in specifications or stylus is practical, not to mention they do not have a comparable to Mac products, “Haas told the Ars in an interview,” since the Alienware developed high-end game system can found in the users interested in the market, so our Modbook Pro X this high-performance product naturally, there is a suitable position “. (hunting cloud network editor jun: Hass means “game player with local tyrants, art of wire must be poor dick!” , it seems that Modbook to motivational become a “flat world Alienware” awful… )

assumption Modbook Pro X finally financing is successful, the user can directly buy a or his Retina MacBook Pro to Modbook Inc., to undertake transforming. Through Kickstarter the raise of the product to invest $1999 of the sponsors, will be able to experience “spring” in 2015. This charge is, of course, the user had spent another computer on the basis of the purchase expenses – Modbook product is not cheap, Modbook Pro X is no exception. On Kickstarter the raise of sponsors, a complete Modbook Pro X start at $3999, and with the increasing of attachment and specification, Kickstarter expect the retail price will be about $4599. So far, the sponsor is the only channel through Kickstarter, and one thousand the project fails to raise success before the deadline, Modbook Pro X may not be available.

Haas also told Ars said: “over the years, there has been calling for we like Modbook Pro X product development. Release the product on Kickstarter allows us to directly face the interested customers to the development of the products, so as to the market acceptance of measure the support for our products. If Modbook Pro X on Kickstarter funding is not successful, then we probably won’t. However, our team are very bullish on the potential of this product, we also believe that finance can succeed.”