The world’s most famous coin purse back to the App Store

in January, apple regardless of the controversial Blockchain removed from the App Store. Today, the famous coin purse in apple’s app store again.

already for desktop computers and Android popular wallet program, has now developed a new iOS purse, make global users can use the currency. In January 2014 before apple remove all provide encryption program monetary Blockchain is iOS devices to download the most coin purse.

Blockchain statement seems to be good news for COINS community, its high-profile protest ban on apple. Support for currency traders, and even in hopes of destroyed their iPhone support the party.

however, only the apple insiders know, apple developers conference in early June claimed more open policies, is once again into a coin purse and pave the way for other applications using encryption currency.

after a few weeks in the apple app store has added a few COINS applications, including unofficial wallet Coinbase users and Gliph development, this kind of service makes related user can send each other COINS. The Blockchain wallet service in the first half of 2014 took the lead for iOS.

Blockchain CEO Nicolas Cary said that as early as before apple decided to give up blocking than a particular application, they will enrich the iOS version of the application of redevelopment, and take this opportunity to improve the purse, but fear as through the submission and approval of application type to spend a lot of work time. In addition, he also spoke highly of the cooperation relationship with apple.

Cary said to CoinDesk, users can download it from apple’s app store iOS new purse. “All COINS fans should give it a try. We are eagerly looking forward to increase including Android version of the application of popular new features such as commercial maps. Continuous attention to update, please.”

he further explained, once again focus on apple’s iOS “is very important for COINS, Blockchain excited.” The program release means that the world millions of iOS users can experience first-hand the currency. He also pointed out that this confirms apple once again welcome investment, construction, and to develop the currency used.

Blockchain is currently the world 1.9 million users favorite coin purse. Its website including COINS figure, monetary statistics and block – chain development.