Three months to burn at $100 million, Intel “do ghost will not give up its mobile business”

since the wave of mobile intelligent devices began, Intel seems to have not been able to lift up. ARM and qualcomm “combination” Intel playing a little get confused for that. The chip giant, however, is not willing to lay down and die, it is desperately to its mobile devices and it is in the chip business.

, according to data from Intel’s latest results only in the first quarter of 2014, Intel’s mobile and communications enterprise group lost $92.9 million, compared with its revenue only $15.6 million. Although Intel continuously intensify research and development, promotion, but its mobile business these two years have been not see any improvement. It is reported, 2012 the year Intel mobile business losses of $1.78 billion. Last year, a number that is expanded to $3.15 billion.

Intel recently decided to all its mobile business (including mobile chips, bluetooth, GPS, wi-fi, etc.) of the revenue, unified into Intel “mobile and communications enterprise group”. Analysts pointed out that it is enough to prove that Intel’s development in the field of mobile chips are determined.

in May last year, Intel announced new Silvermont mobile chip architecture, aimed at the performance of the intelligent device with Intel chips, and reducing energy consumption. Unfortunately, this chip architecture is delayed until this year, and until now we haven’t heard of any OEM decided to adopt a series of chip.

in addition to the mobile at lavishly, Intel also very valued in terms of the Internet of things. Let’s delight, Intel content networking business single quarterly revenue over $500 million, year-on-year growth of 32% last year. In addition, the Intel 2014 Q1 quarter a total revenue of $12.8 billion, net profit of $1.9 billion. This figure is slightly lower than the previous analysts expected.