“Three mountains” Uber China development

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the efficiency of the traffic flow is the lifeblood of urban management, and the optimal allocation of transport resources in the, is only the Internet can solve the proposition. In order to provide solutions to Internet companies, has been trying to get the space. A taxi software from disputes arise to the dust settles, is also the innovation of the digital age, lifestyle, users increasingly adapt to and rely on support, directly promoted the business rewards for innovation.

it is because the return cycle also becomes more and more short, capital is pushing the two largest Internet market, hope I didn’t bear the responsibility of ideology in some of the products, realize the winner-take-all ideal, so, China’s Internet giant at startup “internationalization”, and many start-up companies in the United States, are also actively seeking into huatong.

Uber is from silicon valley “ordering software”, although it is in some easing of cities and regions also has cooperation with professional taxi drivers – click a taxi and fast taxi service mode. Its main business, however, was the main professional car rental and free car booking service, and it in order to enter the Chinese, is chose by high luxury car supplies to avoid competition.

as the host, stopped in front of the Uber, is to create four years is easy to transport. In the online and offline combined with close market segment, two kinds of thinking are also in the fierce collision to each other.

Uber China tough trial and error, forced into low-end vehicles

Uber China has formally launched low-priced car service: UberX, about three-quarters of the previous price, already are not much higher than a taxi. Uber from offering luxury car make high-end market shift to the high end market, with local Chinese Internet vehicles for service providers is easy to form the positive competition, Uber so choose, is have to.

count in recent years and the Internet smacks of foreign brands trip to China, we can still clearly remember ebay and taobao, MSN and QQ… Are they the final result for the failure. Now stopped in front of the Uber three mountain: not only has created more than four years of easy to use, and click a taxi fast represented by software, and the common fault of the foreign capital enterprise into China, “the water”.

a, indigenous first-mover advantage company

Uber into low-cost car market at the same time, is trying to enter north second-tier cities outside of shenzhen. This means that the Uber will compete with domestic car service platform to carry. Was born in 2010, easy to transport is Uber mode in one of the biggest domestic rival, at the same time, with easy to similar services and AA vehicles, etc. They and Uber China almost the same pattern, are supplied for car + car service. In the international market, Uber apparently already famous, but in the domestic new and fledgling:

1, Uber mainly provide car rental start trying to model in the end, the number of vehicles in China is not more than 1000 units, covering north connect only; According to understand, easy to transport all kinds of models in China more than 50000, has covered 57 cities, including Hong Kong, and even plan to San Francisco and New York. This also means that Uber are just for high-end business people, and is easy to have become a public transport service high-end point than a taxi.

2, easy to transport the earliest mainly cooperate with car rental companies, now gradually developed into direct dispatching by means of the mobile Internet rental company car, the driver side and the client’s intelligence platform. Easy to in the process of integrating the leasing company, in order to balance its cooperation car rental companies, often in a city for 2 or more than two companies, scheduling, and through real-time monitoring system to ensure that through the competition to improve service quality. Uber is by integrating the resource of private owners, who in the United States, of course, different national conditions, Uber after entering China’s cooperation with car rental companies, it is not idiomatic patterns, it still need to sit tight in the future.

3, Uber to enter the Chinese market, early user base is in China’s foreign workers or Internet elite, white-collar consumption level is easy to use a subset of the crowd. Now, Uber location of users is relatively narrow, unable to form a scale advantage, that is the reason why Uber price cut into the low-end market.

4, based on user needs, Uber rely on GPS technology for idle vehicles, drivers for service price is high, the customer can’t collect the driver and select a driver, can only passively accept Uber send list, this is the disadvantages of “minimalist” service concept; And this demands in domestic car market has been relatively mature, easy to provide personalized services for more customers, when a driver is user after the collection and use of several times, the car rental relationship may no longer is a cold fish.

although and Uber China to face the inevitable competition, but both are very different. Easy to transport and other domestic car service company has the first mover advantage, and more understand the local policy and user demand, will be Uber facing the first mountain.

2, the darling of the capital markets: quick and click

apart from the easy to use, Uber China faces a taxi second burden is App. Uber challenge the TAXI industry in the United States, access to the TAXI as a TAXI up the App, but the Chinese TAXI application is the red sea, on the one hand, quick and click on alibaba and tencent’s support on our, the trot, on the other hand, a TAXI App market regulatory issues are still pending. Di di has started to to LBS service, for example, can search hotel. Uber want to tap into taking a taxi App basic impossible.

a taxi theoretically App is the real application of Shared economy, by means of the mobile Internet help resources and needs more accurate docking, seems to be driven technology. But in China it was operating drive: first, take a taxi App to find a taxi driver of users, users up to hit the car; Second user to passengers, only got a single driver is willing to continue to use. Di di and quickly to lap up the two types of users, with the support of tencent and ali investment in one billion yuan of subsidies, subsidies for half a year after the driver continues, moreover they also cooperate with operators to take a taxi App users don’t need to pay a fee flow. If stop subsidies and preferential treatment, many taxi drivers will unload a taxi application without hesitation.

there is crucial place, take a taxi App besides money, basic no profit model, and the dilemma can’t see any sign of change.

under the dilemma, Uber China only to taxi market stay at a respectful distance from sb.

three, the common fault of the foreign capital enterprise: the water

due to no management in domestic personal vehicles, Uber can only abandon north American mode, high price and car rental companies, which limits the Uber investment scale and speed of expansion. Domestic local car rental companies, such as the shenzhou, ehi after years of development, offline resources fully, the precipitation is relatively thick user base, more enterprise car service cooperation at the same time, various resources docking. Many car rental companies is dedicated to serving large companies, people and cars by the month or year lease to the enterprise. Uber China resource from scratch to build such a partner.

more it is worth mentioning that the rapid development of China’s online travel, one of the largest OTA in early 2014, ctrip is easy to transport. Transportation and tourism industry has a natural combination, easy to be smooth on ctrip (except air, hotel) of ground transportation service. Uber temporarily in a relatively isolated range in China, from the car itself and new model is very difficult to rig.

in addition to a taxi car App and App, to solve the problem of travel and car rental don’t hire people do rent pattern, such as the traditional mode of China auto rental and Shared economic PP car rental. It is another market, need to install intelligent tracking and turnkey equipment for cars, need to establish a new set of credit system, nor Uber dishes.

as Uber guangzhou early users, the author clearly remember Uber announced on February 13 to enter China, how many people did not concern. Was experienced by the writer Uber, for a lot of advice, such as Uber there are lots of copywriting obstacle for Chinese version of App, interaction is not suitable for Chinese users, and too few available vehicles. Over the past four months, Uber Chinese App update 12 small version, it is a pity, I mentioned the copywriter and interaction problem. So, with Uber China team only about operations and community workers. No localization technology and product team, it is difficult to understand user requirements and understand the user habits and develop the application of matching.

Uber China must find a way to overcome the problem of “water”.

there is only one way: in front of Uber China confront with local company, familiar with the Chinese as early as possible, be familiar with the Chinese market and Chinese travel habits, accelerate covers the city and the layout of the vehicle scale. Uber into China and into the mass market, on the whole play positive role in driving the car industry market, China’s car rental companies will scholars to improve transport service quality, the next will be more competitive. Domestic car products over the years by the path, Uber really can draw lessons from. Like KFC tender beef five parties, localization do good be landing breeding in China. In addition, don’t forget to optimize your App, don’t be so tall, ground point? Domestic social has been playing for a long time.

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