Tianjin cooperated GCDC headquarters moved: long-term plan to reduce artificial service costs

(word/qing nan)

cooperated network as a domestic emerging online recruitment website, in previous years development process has been in Beijing as the center outward expansion, including set up many affiliates. Now, the company wants to build a new base in tianjin binhai.

on July 11, cooperated network Global Career Development Center (Global Career Development Center, hereinafter referred to as GCDC) in tianjin Development zone goes up, marked the official online operations.

GCDC is what? According to the official introduction is to build enterprise and high-end service bridge between professional managers, to provide career development and recruitment consulting services, to help enterprises to quickly obtain the core talented person, at the same time help professional profession more successful. Global career development center for the global best employers to provide professional services to the recruitment process and project improve recruitment effectiveness. At the same time, the GCDC career advisers provide one-on-one cooperated network member of career development and consulting industry trend, all-round services for China’s workplace people’s career, help professionals get higher vocational value.

plainly spoken GCDC business docking business owners above, the following docking job seekers, “matchmaker”, to do a similar search but not all, according to cooperated network is “consultants”, to do service from deep mining.

network CEO Dai Kebin introduction, cooperated GCDC is the company’s “PC + mobile + artificial” one of the main core business strategy of the trinity, also is “artificial” refers to the parts. To do one-on-one service for business owners, the applicant, consume a large amount of manpower is inevitable. in accordance with the plan, in 2014, the net cooperated GCDC professional advisers will reach 300 people, the next three years to reach one thousand people.

in fact, cooperated network as early as the end of 2013 he set up GCDC in internal departments, in Beijing at that time. But considering the future huge artificial cost consumption, the company was interested in was beyond Beijing ( actually, cooperated net is flush with cash, revenue health, announced in April this year to get more than $70 million of C round ). In the past half year, cooperated network investigated several out-of-town development zone, have finally selected the tianjin binhai. It is near Beijing, more than two hour’s drive; The second is the local preferential policies and support comprehensive considerations.

Dai Kebin revealed that not only is the GCDC business focus on tianjin, cooperated offline step of planning is the country most of the operations center functions to tianjin. That is to say, tianjin will take cooperated network of the important responsibilities of the career development center and operating center, will be given priority to with products and technology research and development of Beijing headquarters formed echo.

in this process, some of the Beijing staff would have partial time transferred to the headquarters in tianjin. At present, has cooperated in teda service outsourcing industrial park to rent for three floors, can accommodate nearly one thousand people. According to the cooperated net 1700 people today, means that hundreds of people will transfer to tianjin. According to Dai Kebin introduction, the first batch of more than a dozen employees transfer has been successfully implemented. In addition, tianjin office will take place in the local mass recruitment.

Internet companies will be part of the business, especially the human consumption of heavy away from Beijing the big cities gradually into the trend. Before this, tianjin development zone has attracted sohu video and music networks companies such as part of the business.