Time management software Timeful from Khosla won $7 million in financing

a few months ago reportedly introduced main Timeful a startup time management. Although the company is not A comprehensive public operation mode, but its considerable prospects for Timeful raised A $68 million financing round – the round launched by Khosla, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & amp; Byers, Greylock, Data of Collective, Pitango, A – Grade companies such as Investments for refs. After the financing, as a reference for the Keith Rabois and Don Mattrick (company CEO) will join the Timeful board.

over the news, let’s take a review, see Timeful background story.

entrepreneurship is one of the founders of Timeful Yoav Shoham. Timeful is the fourth start-up company he founded after Shoham was established in 1998 TradingDynamics (sold 1999 in 4 million to Ariba); Founded in 2010 and Katango sold to Google (2011). Timeful window, in his opinion, and the objective is to help people protect “time” the most valuable resource.

as Timeful founder and Dan Ariely, a professor at duke university, the behavior of the renowned economist, and Stanford graduate Jacob Bank. Timeful also recently hired sets a product design manager Chris Weeldreyer for Timeful user experience.

Timeful in website shows a Time Quotient (Time) test, and accompanied by related Suggestions. Interested readers can test. And the launch of Timeful application will put forward a comprehensive range of time management for the user guide, to help users to efficiently manage the task and time arrangement.