To and from the first “real-time image” the new play New “near” function

on August 15, alibaba’s social software “and” following the latest action again, the latest online version 5.3 added in “real-time image” and “near” function. Among them, “real-time image” function for the domestic initiative new play.

it is understood that “and” the new version will be the main “whispers” and “near” two functions. The whispers pattern in the version 5.3 added new gameplay: real-time image. When users enter the whispers after pattern, will find that a new camera, click to open the front-facing camera, at this time only need to edit a text message, on the camera, click send, and can be issued at the same time, his head shot of the message and real-time have increased interest in the interact and authenticity.

has been carrying a multi-function and itself. In order to better meet the user experience, made to integrate in between new version 5.3, the new version “and” whole page style is more concise than the old version, rationalization. Reduce navigation tabs under the page consists of five to four, the original “address book” label to move to the upper right corner of page, and “my” label is directly attributed to “explore” label, the most striking is the new added “near” label, suggests that “and” had carried dating to the nearest to a line, make friends more convenient quickly.

a significant feature of social mobility is real-time search positioning dating, and “and” new “near” function is the embodiment of this feature. The user can open this function at the same time according to their own location search and use “and” make the surrounding friends, quickly establish and framing the new social network, make social dating zero distance.

in addition, “and” the new version also strengthen the function of “free voice calls” and so on. All this update optimization, we is not hard to find, “and” always put the user experience in first place, efforts to become the social dating is simple, convenient, fun, let everybody can easily find the same interest in friends, get rid of blind dating topic awkward impasse.