To get to the final ipos, cloud storage service Box suction gold at $150 million

a few days ago, the former star cloud storage service Box company, has completed a new round of up to $150 million in financing. Despite the current valuation is only increased by 20% than the last round of valuation, but analysts point out that this round of funding allows: Box, struggling to get to the final day of IPO.

report said, citing sources had jumped a Box on the market plan, will officially start the public offering in September this year. Because at that time of the IPO market will present a rising trend, and continuously to Thanksgiving.

a year ago, the Box to get $100 million in financing, then the company valued at $2 billion. As Box for IPO application, American technology stocks suffered a suspected for a new round of “bubble”. Worse, then the media reports, the Box will be lots of income and financing to make marketing team. The Box, which were already no profit, the greater losses. In addition, from Dropbox, Google and other rivals to stimulate competition, and the former was kicked off a cloud storage “price war”, make the Box had to postpone IPO plans.

the Box of the financing round led to TPG and hedge fund Coatue Management. The former has investment in reality, Uber Shared economy represented by the science and technology co., LTD.

Update: news from the Recode, according to Box in the second fiscal revenue of 94% growth. Despite the losses continue to increase, but growth slowed sharply. In view of this, analysts say, Box of performance should be better than after short of expectations.