Today, I also have to talk about feelings, match a gun

as a technology blog, should be reported to find the next wave in the budding of new products, also in the capital to fast, fast growth, quick, quick money. But today, I calm down to find the other products in the Internet, to say, is that you should be a watch can say with the project of the ceiling, or can’t again small is a small in the field of web site and blog.

but since, there are reports of meaning, maybe, someone likes, someone in need.

first of all, to say sorry, in the original didn’t redesign of the roll call time on this project and the raise, the front say sorry, so it is the raise of failure. Project or the same there, probably face the only search engine and come back to remember it.

this is the product of a childhood, for the fate of 00 said later may not know, rates later on the Internet may also don’t know. Matches the gun (chain gun) model 678 zero s childhood handmade toys. Basic composed of mechanical bicycle parts. At the beginning of economic conditions. The matches a gun is a children’s favorite toy.

not writing this to childhood toy, in the 678 s to a website, a domain name to match the gun pinyin. Found this website for the first time, next time just decided that he can’t be imperial city people do, because the imperial city circle, who are still in the feelings for fame.

a blogger who lives in nanjing, do a general electricity artists work. Do the implication on the site there is a tall, can be in flower dress: traditional handmade toys will come with a new attitude, to share the memory of childhood, to relive that time, the website can bring the best generation away old boys a space of the memory of childhood. Hope to return to traditional handmade toys, in today’s children’s beginning ability and explore the way of education for come in handy, away from the “pleasant goat”.

speak something fun, blogger, childhood, like making toys, he told me that home floods in 2003, a full turn out two trunk of diy toys. When I was a child naughty, combined with the result is not good. Parents’ rein in, the invention of the bondage of seeing his toys and small. The bound to leave small bumps grew up in the heart.

graduated from the university, with the love of traditional toys, sprouted a blog to match a gun. But unfortunately, the web site update time that the 13 years as of April. Speaking of this, also can feel his helpless. After all, a person experience is limited, the feelings will buy no beef. But he said: matches guns will always exist.

your current work, the energy can’t keep to it, if you can find the right content editing partner, or someone can give industry support, and the company will continue to update the content. Or bloggers to expose the true: if the real economic independence, can have more energy to focus on this matter. Do not rule out open a cafe, recalled childhood properties but back to reality, at present, the deficiency or independence. So dreams on hold, hard enough, will choose to set sail.

circles or too impetuous. After all matches a gun is a see the interests of the actual project. Bloggers also said that someone contacted him before, that are interested in cooperation, but at best, a fire of enthusiasm, can’t see the actual interests also cold down slowly.

but why this is good, and the project of the ceiling will choose reports, because dreams should be respected, regardless of their size. In the future, I hope to become the local tyrants, because you and I, don’t hope that the next generation of childhood memories, only pleasant goat!

note: the roll call time




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