Top investors glamorous behind those qualities you don’t know

the author: GGV Capital (GGV Capital market manager Yuan Yuan

as a financial journalist, I used to “borrow” position to come into contact with VC lap top most investors, peripheral type to this industry and its practitioners have seen. In career transition after joined is a peer review for “top dollar VC institutions, have the honor to work with a group of top domestic investors, close to know that their work style and rhythm, QuFaHuShang, by which, I’ll gossip fragments, unofficial history of the observed so far about the characteristics of” personality “. Can summarize some top venture investors’ personality traits.

diligence to incredible

hard in the first place, because since into the line, hard work this to my “culture shock” is really the biggest, the impact also lies in the fact that people smarter than I am, in the world really are better than my diligence. Before (I think I’m in the passers-by also can calculate the self-control.)

at the beginning to talk about the interview, the attention management partner operator achievement and I talked about, is that attracted me most about this job can be the smartest a group of people and the industry to work together. Smile a moment not language by performance.

come in after know the reason, in fact, I was chosen and the industry the most diligent people to work together.

investors trip schedule is very compact, almost on Monday and Friday to see large forces, they are flying at ordinary times, where entrepreneurs are, where they appear.

said at an industry first well-known example of a workaholic, managing partner of tung. His time is really to hours to remember, is I have seen so far on the time to master the most accurate and true will be the best use of our time. He across China and the United States market, almost no time. Often, no matter in China or the United States, I will receive his work email late at night. And his work phone, often at eight o ‘clock in the morning before or after 9 o ‘clock in the evening, his assistant often to rack one’s brains from his squeeze a slot was overloaded schedule table to deal with emergency needs.

in Beijing in which to work, the founder of the last time he was sure the Alma mater of Stanford university alumni, saw I said who is famous as a workaholic, sleep only three hours a day, often to the middle of the meeting, in the hotel a swimming two or three hours of sleep, sleep continue to open the morning session.

the night work situation in the past few weeks there have been many times, I am already inured to the weird, such as more than ten in the evening we have time in the hotel after the meeting, the participants have burnout, the trip is going to go back to rest, tung and Jenny lee two people continue to energetically into the next meeting and entrepreneurs.

in fact most of the industry’s leading investors are like that, Jenny lee is the industry’s top female investors (in the list of last year, Forbes global best venture capitalists, she and the queen Mary Meeker Internet is one of the few women high on the list of the investors know the industry sex ratio will be aware that this is a more difficult task), she often at 3 o ‘clock at night to fly back from Beijing, more faced in the early morning the next day’s meeting, also in spirit.

one day after work on Friday, at 7 o ‘clock in the evening more than Jenny lee, together with the last few of us left the office, I asked her curiously what energy management solution, her answer was, “no, this diligence (quality) is necessary to enter the industry.”

“but not everyone is so hard?”

“so not everyone can do it first.”

have time to go home and investment manager, used to be super good grades students chat, he said he once a day at most about nine people, to the last information overload to feel paralyzed.

I agree with the previous answer, areas of the early investment is more and more fierce competition, increased funding for good project competition is increasingly fierce, coupled with the BAT to join, everyone was moved forward to do early, and find their own unique competitive advantage. But, on the other hand, each of us has our own unique positioning and strategy, all of the strategies, plans, are performed by the person, you must be able to spend enough time. My agency in China and silicon valley in the investment, the feeling of bosses are, China is a business or investment much more cruel than the United States, the industry’s leading investors can be eleven or twelve at night to come out to meet with entrepreneurs, it is impossible in the United States.

to enter this industry probably need to ask yourself first, if the industry’s top investors only slept for three hours a day, and in work is a perennial way of life, I can do it?

the best explanation of workaholic is true love

in the last topic, I think behind workaholic is enthusiastic in helping. Sleep only three or four hours a day to work, the best explanation, probably is the true love. Entrepreneurship and investment industry is the easiest way to meet people is enthusiastic about his work in the two industries, not carried away about investment circles today.

I: tell me something about Jenny lee, a lot of familiar friends in private, and I said she was their goddess, in an environment full of men and sex Wolf do the industry’s top, where is the secret? I think, understanding and diligence are short of one cannot, without her, add up is common black shirt, black pants in black, have a big backpack traveling equipment, wear the most comfortable shoes can fastest farthest way, the appearance of a pair of ready to catch a plane. The industry’s top female investors are a blaze wasn’t makeup, I worked as a reporter contact with another top female investors xuxin is said to have no time no makeup daily (except on mirror).

the couple want to join the venture capital industry, may be the first step should be asking themselves, you have enthusiasm for the job? The job enthusiasm is enough to support your decades to high rhythm work?

everyone enthusiastic point may be different. In an industry that long do ace, one may find himself the sense of mission, the warehouse is very foot known etiquette, Jenny lee once said, she’s mission is to help the start-up stage of development, the process of doing investment, she has a variety of professional ability, can see products can do understand technology management can help companies to go public, but she is so full of enthusiasm for early investment, she won’t retire, retired if use their money to invest.

digression, China said a similar, have fulfilled their own financial freedom, work just because of his passion.

as a girl, I appreciate the successful women in the business world. Recently you like queen describe gree dong mingzhu “peach blossom, nothing grows”, I want to say that almost all the successful career women are so, and, in the commercial society women do best, are a little androgynous temperament.

when reporters former colleagues to interview together with a beautiful woman, Jenny lee, after the recognized is big beauty before my colleagues said, women just like she should be the goal of most of the girls grow up, when I was young spend effort on self-improvement, to a certain stage, the power of professional exudes a unique charm. This is “beautiful” dividend decline over time the person did not have. True for the love of work, you will put the red to lens applique and others to collect shoes time on work and self improvement.

a little far, I’m trying to say is a bit chicken soup, hard work is the premise of love, passion is the one goggle to work every day in the morning is full of the feeling of pleasure.

should have resistance to pressure, also want to aggressive

to have a sex Wolf. How do you explain the Wolf? But not only sacrificial sheep.

well, I am much want to say that this industry is very respectful to all, in a well, it’s not. Early investment is a competitive place, entrepreneurship, too. This means that the practitioners should have resistance to pressure, and aggressive.

my understanding of the nature is: do you want to adapt to the competitive environment, I have a friend smart and professional, but just like “years static good life safe” calm days, just choose not to enter. A job is always let you feel comfortable.

but also has the ability to open to competition pattern, the individual, specific did not elaborate.

anyway, professional and aggressive people may be more adapted to the some of the “law of the jungle” in the business world. This is not involves the problem of good is not good or the good guys and bad guys, a lot of people can choose both, you can choose good, but must have the ability to cope with complex. Will compete for the talented person is the winner.

a good cooperation

you can be a Wolf, but can’t be a lonely Wolf. I have seen the top level of the investors, it is very good to let others to get the job done.

of course, everyone’s way is different, specific in mobilizing entrepreneurs or on the mobilization I such internal chare employees, are very severe.

ground, misconduct

it is very important, for TMT three eldest brother are not born and raised in China, there are overseas background, but Chinese is very good, and domestic entrepreneurs to email WeChat speak Chinese communication. Came after I speak like English old mixed bulk is corrected a lot.

a good person, a few people are mild character, not known for shelf.

the industry of dress is also very easy, compared to traditional financial industry. Set daily must not, more business and leisure travelers, don’t give entrepreneurs too much pressure.

tung and operator performance schoenberg jeans are lightly at ordinary times, carry a bag to walk river’s lake, and entrepreneurs meet misconduct, slightly formal occasions to change a shirt.

now the investment community is bullish on the investing public user market and prick silk, as the elite can elitism, but need to be able to grounding gas, with prick silk users and understand prick silk entrepreneurs affinity ability is very important.

simple, direct, grasp key

to return to the previous topic, this is I’ve been training on his own power. The people in the industry, especially the investment people are all very busy, have the ability to reach the core status in a short period of time is very important.

this is a comprehensive ability, contracted are done a lot of complicated work behind. Behind the apple contracted beauty, spent and how to do like this.

the early company, need to be involved in the trivial details very much, very need a ability to further details. But on the other hand, can’t let myself in deep down in the details of the marsh. A few words to the managing partner, it is can probe into the details, but also can pull out, extracting key, rather than the beard eyebrows and he, make noise swamped the core key information.

professional, emphasizing details

professionals are very into people, work to send out a story I will overhaul above 10 times.

any professional is reflected in the details, such as millet conference a while ago, be sure to go with Jenny lee, they are friends of lei jun, tung evaluation of lei jun is, he is a very careful and meticulous, you don’t have to worry about what you consider the things he did not consider. Based on me for sure understanding of the degree of detail seriously, I am lei jun tireless reading that how the pans are smoothed out process is full of respect.

professional art also lies in the fact that the other people all feel almost can or too boring, you can continue further, perfectly polished. Even if it is the cheapest piece of steel plate.


this job is a bit like risk investment business in the field of philosophers and gamblers and see trends, look to the future, and then on the pressure, all in.

and operator performance schoenberg, I sometimes think and his sense of time is different, everyone is talking about carpe diem live in the moment, but experienced investors have put their thinking schedule ahead for three to five years, live in the future, think of the future.

all their system based on this point, the fine point, they don’t mind investment now bleeding institutions and enterprises, to help them, because they think is a great growth in the future.

to understand this, is very helpful to communicate with them. To enter this industry, I think the biggest adapt to set forward the clock is, most people live in the present moment, but do investment to live in the future.

good at systematic

top investors have their own judgment system. Before hasn’t come in and the operator performance chat going through an interview, he said, you want to develop their own framework, and make it systematic.

he said no specific what to do, but I think this is my by far the most useful career advice, themselves for a career development orientation in the professional rather than management development.

top investors have their own system, such as operator performance schoenberg and who are accustomed to from an industry trend judgment, then into a specific company, Jenny lee technical background made her accustomed to from the Angle of product, this paper studies this is a let users feel of the product.

in an industry practice for more than ten years, everyone will have their own different style, the top of the investors, the trend has its own independent judgment. I believe that each of the top investment humanitarian is different. They practice system, is the “tao”.

like too many people in the “art” nagging, you and I are different, I must be better than you. But each person’s point of view is different, see the world differently, reach the finish line is different.

it is important that whether you can pass the deliberately training to become a man of refined system, finally it could be your interpretation of the weapons of the world.

like Japanese zen master suzuki jung says, appear a thing, you will understand everything.


don’t expand, anyway background excellent students with excellent grades are everywhere.