Touch the treasure life released from dial-up rob entrance, opening strategy hunting O2O

(/qing wen nan )

in touch after the treasure life, released last month, touch technology and can’t wait to continue to bet on today, touch the treasure life formally announced open platform strategy, the strategy will be in the yellow pages based on the data, by way of vertical search, for the user to create a comprehensive mobile life service entrance.

products, the entrance of the existing O2O WeChat, baidu maps, etc. Have a good position, for startups, win the opportunity to have small, treasure to see and touch is the “mobile phone dial” high-frequency application of business opportunities. After all, this is also a mobile phone users avoid open operation behavior, has the potential to be a new important entrance.

touch technology CEO Wang Jialiang says, to do is to dial this is also a user and the merchants of the most common contact as entrance, from the user to find the telephone, call the traditional model of natural transition to user lookup service, the use of the service model of the Internet.

at present, touch the treasure life service coverage, express, delivery and after-sale, housekeeping, car rental, and other fields. CEO Wang Jialiang introduction, through an open platform, contact purpose is to treasure for the user, merchants and manufacturers together, thus realizing multi-win-win situation. According to its, touch the Po early have with ctrip, public review, tao little sites such as cooperation, and realize the account. Users can reserve, tracking orders, complete the payment and other one-stop services.

implementation is dependent on behind open platform is large user base. Public information, contact treasure number assistant at present in the domestic users has reached 50 million, active for tens of millions of users, the use frequency of hundreds of millions of times a day. Touch the treasure life at the same time, the platform has the yellow pages search for 53 million core data, the future will also collaborate with Microsoft small ice.

Wang Jialiang is introduced, the recent contact treasure life service platform will also have access to dozens of vertical services, in the future, will provide buffet for small and medium-sized service background, offer open interface for large businesses, access 100 chain brand, in the course of the year, 1000 small and medium-sized service quality merchants and 10 m. Also covers the laundry, lock, pet, moving, and so on more than 20 registered services.

in addition, samsung, SONY, zte, huawei and other manufacturers have touch the treasure to reach a depth of cooperation, and listed on the android flagship model in the course of the year, will touch the built-in treasure life of service.