“Tracing is a friend”, the Drop in the location of social play out of the new pattern

for those who have never heard of, Drop Messages is a can let you leave a message or send a message to all people based on location. Unless they arrived at a particular location, the recipient will not receive the message. Drop Messages announced today that they have ended by Atlas Ventures and Spark Capital company led by seed round of $1.23 million.

Noeth and DeWitt is the developer of the application, they are in a private equity investment firm in Los Angeles when TPG Capital working face. The application of the ideas from their daily life. DeWitt often leave a message to his roommates, remind them not to forget some things, but until his roommates in the dormitory door can’t remember these things.

the case that a DeWitt began to think: if he left a message with the roommates can be roommates in the dormitory door when pushing on their mobile phones? Like a digital post-it notes, you know, the main drivers of position is to make the news more useful.

the Noeth idea was from his romantic feelings to his wife. However, the same idea to let them together, they finished the project cooperation. They created the iPhone App in the App store online only 12 hours, it won the Boston TechCrunch list at the top of the position.

Drop Messages because it can make people in the whole town to have ability of surprises and won. With the win, the app also attracted media attention over the country and “numerous excellent public relations”. However, the team since its inception has been committed to only make the product, did not expect to get media attention.

leave a Drop messages like choose a position in the whole world as simple, we can choose the appended drawings or the appended drawings to write messages and then choose a friend who want to leave a message. When they are in the position within a certain range, they will soon push message is received.

the team want to focus on the next function is to make the App more group oriented. DeWitt said, they want to start to set up a location based community and social groups.

Noeth will Drop Messages as a public beta version. He pointed out that if the team does not focus on profitable, although this application once into a “highly active user base”, will gain the ability of sustainable development.

in the new version, Drop Messages allows the user to leave a message to the entire group of people, rather than in the traditional sense of the one-to-one communication.

update may bring increased usage, but the important thing is in the transition of the user experience. Drop Messages in the group chat message function is not to provide a platform, but will be applied into a social network, when the user they can comment on each other and thumb up traveling around the world.

so far, this seems to be more than 60 countries attracted a large number of users, but the actual data has not been disclosed.

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