TradeBlock, to be the currency “bloomberg” of the world

recently for $2.8 million in financing TradeBlock is a platform providing the currency related frontier information, integration of information, selling the currency price prediction, and provide research tools for other institutional clients. Some people also called it the “COINS of the world by bloomberg”.

part of the market information on TradeBlock is provided free of charge. At present the company employees only five, after financing is expected to double.

this financing by Andreessen Horowitz collar, and the rest of the cast also includes a Second Market Barry Silbert, Devonshire, Investors, and FinTech Collective.

founder Greg Schvey said, this is the first time TradeBlock financing, and successfully raised expected number number. He said “we are Chang Xing, our investors to be able to see and understand TradeBlock prospects.”

TradeBlock in 2013 by Greg, 27, and 29, Jeff brothers created. Initially, Greg is still in its financial work, Jeff also worked for Raytheon. , TradeBlock GenesisBlock is established on the basis of the two brothers business founded by sharing platform, the main founder of the COINS issued this our Block, Block of first mining pool information.

as share content increased, the brothers also specially developed the currency price trend tracking and analysis tools. These products brought TradeBlock first bucket of gold.

at the end of 2013, Schvey brothers attended the Y Combinator incubation project. See, they say, the currency block even (BlockChain) as the potential for many assets transaction platform, not just money, including securities, contracts, etc. “We want to beat TradeBlock cause people in the analysis of the information platform.”

while this idea with Addreessen Horowitz idea coincides with mine. The vc partners Balaji Srinivasan commission a 2.0 “Wall Street” concept. He thinks that in the future all kinds of securities, assets can be based on the virtual currency to trade currency. While TradeBlock analysis will be a good information platform.

TradeBlock this round of financing was a typical example of vc into the currency markets. According to the data of CoinDesk, about 2014 in the first quarter of 2014 dollars into the currency risk investment market, and in the second quarter, investment is 73 million dollars. The maximum amount of individual deals were Bitpay $30 million, and $20 million of BitFury.

since the currency market gradually mature, the relevant enterprises financing has reached $240 million.