Traditional enterprise transformation slam shut? And entrepreneurial companies to Partnered to help you!

Y Combinator hatch is designed to help new startup “matching” Partnered with big brands, has won a $850000 start-up capital, out of the closed beta stage.

you might think that the company get the financing, so at least it is not worth mentioning. But it is a very good creative team. Say simply, acted as Partnered to demand a new mode of traditional large companies and have the new model, the new idea, but need to startup funds between the “old”. On the one hand, it is big company selection is suitable for its development and change of fresh blood, on the other hand, it is also possible to help small firms find the most consistent with its prospects for development platform.

this round of investors have Rothenberg Ventures, Structure of Capital, Kima Ventures, missile Ventures, and Gary Vaynerchuk, etc.

two years ago, when Partnered, was isolated from Y Combinator’s initial Sponsorfied was used as the name of the company and focus of sponsorship (from the original with a Sponsorfied can guess). But it now to focus on startup and brand reengineering business between a more general model.

“we found that there are some big brands are looking for can completely change the way they all business and obtain the audience start-up,” co-founder Baldwin Cunningham says, “on the other hand, entrepreneurial companies are also looking for joint with big brands and enterprises. We simplify the both sides of the business.”

Cunningham, give us some examples. Twenty years ago, for example, brand with MTV, get the favour of music; Today, customers can also listen to music through dozens of channels.

he pointed out that the brand company would be willing to ask Partnered how to increase the e – mail subscriptions, or how to measure the activity of online implementation.

by Partnered platform, brand and institutions selected business in need of help, focused on the areas of these startups can be. In the past three months, start-up companies and brands have formed between 60 to Partnered relations of cooperation.

Cunningham said: “it is a basic way to express their needs company.” When dealing with BD, this method than the old meeting, happy time and request advice model better.

the company has worked with AllSaints brands and Sumpto startups such cooperation, forming can be associated with a large clothing brand influence university website.

with the development of the company, the business model is changing. Partnered do not charge on the log in the platform, but by helping brand positioning startups and cooperation opportunities of education service and custom video report to make money.

through this round of financing, Partnered plans to hire more people and increase the customer base.