Traditional phone makers into the marketing cycle

this paper hunting contribute little cloud network readers ever

for the current network public opinion environment, puts forward higher requirements on manufacturers in the marketing level. Mobile phone companies are stressed that pay attention to the mining of user experience and user value, but in terms of the current industry situation only millet won the industry’s consistent approval.

others is always the best

since the birth of millet mobile phone ring is an interesting phenomenon, millet mobile phone is rubbish! We are going to have to make like millet marketing events.

this is a false proposition of the eternal.

since a “always believe that good things will happen”, each big mobile phone manufacturers have introduced its Internet brand. The cool couplet, one plus, a hammer… At least a dozen beer quantity enough.

today’s mobile phone companies marketing methodology, most of them are affected by the influence of millet pattern. Less than four years to the development of new brand, relying on “focus, acme, word of mouth, fast” siddhi features, has quickly become one of the best in the domestic mobile phone. In the face of millet ferocious attack also to re-examine their own traditional manufacturers, in addition to set up the Internet mobile phone brand, also is reconstructed to its marketing strategy, just on the way where do have lots of questionable.

marketing is not just to do stunt

before MWC in 2013, a picture of a LOGO with huawei and durex circulated on weibo, according to our source said this is durex try crossover step, planning to launch a “thin” teamed up with huawei mobile phones. Originally is a pure image, but the resulting mass discussion caused negative influence for the brand in China, finally said in a statement issued by the company is the net friend to Ascend the P2 new malicious hype, is not an enterprise marketing behavior, but due to the combined into the hottest durex official microblog weibo, Ascend the P2 obtained high attention in a short period of time.

in April 2014, zte joint jingdong released 4 g product “number one” the star, the zte’s move the conference of this product to Korea, and straight to the samsung home call. Due to you from the stars “swept through Asia in the past couple of months, zte product naming also get on the bus, full with samsung and star you” two big heat, success has caused wide public concern.

in May 2014, brush like weibo netizens are forwarded a weibo content only “ah”, this article from the cool cell phone official weibo content from 0 to 24 PM, every 1 hour will issue a content for “ahhh” weibo, byte is increasing with the increasing of time. At that time, “scream” because “cool officer do operators fails to anger to micro code to run road”, “as a result of bonus distribution officer prepared small irreversible content”, even “officer micro stolen” fact has attracted widespread attention and discussion, cool brand also had great exposure.

but netizens have been climax the screaming like make of puzzling, also caused the user a spoof, micro release until cool officer explained, on May 20, that is “a great god day” marketing activities.

these three events, huawei and cool hot, trying to make zte in serious joint hot spots.

but, really hot?

conveniently, huawei should have happened out a statement; Zte is recognized in the industry of much cry and little wool; Cool “scream” if do not do, who can think of is to allow users to scream?

three events, each manufacturer are not out of line, but not all natural grafted to the brand and product level, the loss is great marketing costs.

suitable is the best

like “the cool al” traditional mobile phone manufacturers, after years of exploration and development in the industry, has accumulated a large number of patented technologies, strong product research and development capabilities, products manufacturing quality has great advantages, so more should focus on these advantages.

from the point of practical operation, the traditional mobile phone manufacturers and consumers through the sales link only to complete a deal, with the conclusion of a deal this simple relationship chain and natural fracture, namely the sale terminal complete the transaction. And millet marketing model of success is to the consumer in the pre-sale, sale and after-sale each link close interaction, let the consumer feel not buy a product so simple trading behavior. But by inviting users to try, and puts forward improvement opinion, let the consumer feel real involved in product development, by conducting fans gathering, close the distance of the user and the manufacturer, the spread of concentrated volume effectively, pull the fans spontaneous to participate in the discussion.

traditional manufacturers through new media starting point to build their own fans culture itself is not wrong, just lack of weibo, WeChat, QQ space and other social networking platform and effective management and integration, and the function of the mobile Internet era social network properties and in the lack of further understanding of the position.

on the contrary, if the traditional brands rely on their own advantages in the aspect of hardware research and development, constantly improve the user experience in software aspect, continue to increase investment in product research and development and innovation, in fact, domestic brands in the hardware level and functional aspects even than some foreign brands do well, the reason is not public recognition, but also for brand marketing for not doing enough success.

as for the marketing, the traditional vendors can be more flexible atmosphere, not limited on others, have been successfully marketing model, on the basis of getting the product, to promote in-depth market segment, the carrier channel, social channels and electrical business channels for effective and targeted marketing campaign, is likely to further success.

use Patrick han lun “brand password” point of view do next suggestion:

1, let users to remember your badge symbol, such as Nike.

2, for the ceremony together with your customers, rice noodles section;

3, don’t fantasy captured all the user’s heart, also do not only high pure words, find their own example, when samsung entered the domestic strategy, apple key words appear in the total want to samsung;

4, find their own magical terms, collar, corn;

5, to show the user enterprise leaders, such as labor model, lei jun red artillery week leader;

6, for users to understand your business history, such as huawei, vanke;

7, to show the user enterprise creed, Google do no evil;